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Electronic signature & digital contract management

Legally sign contracts and documents electronically anywhere and anytime

Print out a document received by e-mail, sign it by hand, scan it and then send it back to the recipient by e-mail? That was yesterday! In this day and age, you can easily automate such work steps and much more: Welcome to the age of digital process automation!

Discover our two innovative solutions for digital signatures and electronic approval processes - RSign, the advanced electronic signature, and RMail, the integrated simple electronic signature - and bring more transparency, overview and quality to your contract and document workflow. And best of all: no prior knowledge, software installations or similar are required on the part of the signatory to sign your documents.

Whatever your expectations are: From small wishes to big visions - (almost) everything is possible! Contact us and tell us what you have in mind, so that together we can develop the optimal solution for your very individual needs.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Simple, fast and uncomplicated signing of documents and contracts in real time
  • Location and time-independent
  • Continuous digitisation
  • Sequential signature process / multi-party signature in individual order
  • Works on any device, browser is sufficient
  • Easy creation of individual templates and master copies
  • Protection of confidential data through password and encryption
  • Auditable proof of compliance with international data protection guidelines
  • Digital signatures to ensure data integrity (digital sealing)
  • Forms can be filled out directly on your website via static link
Electronic signature | Frama
Electronic signature | Frama
Electronic signature | Frama

All-in-one solution for electronic signatures and document automation

With RSign, you choose a comprehensive all-in-one solution for electronic signatures, which is also suitable to complement your digital contract management (CLM). You benefit from numerous features as well as extensive setting options in administration management. With RSign, you can electronically sign contracts and other documents in just a few clicks. The user interface is attractively designed, intuitive and user-friendly: You can upload documents via drag-and-drop, provide them with fillable fields and then send them to your employees, business partners or customers for signature. The signatory is guided step by step through the document until it is completely filled out and legally signed. Incomplete processing and unnecessary media breaks are a thing of the past.

Electronic signature | Frama

Create templates and rules for frequently used documents and process steps

Templates for frequently used documents and rules for reocurring tasks save you a lot of time and increase the productivity of all parties involved in the process. Assign roles for each document, attach contract terms and cover letters directly, add fields to be filled in and send automatic reminders. Document templates guarantee a uniform corporate appearance and can be created with all common file formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint or PDF.

RMail signature

Sign contracts anywhere and at any time

Whether in the home office, on the train or at the airport: wherever you are in the world, with RSign's mobile web interface you can access all documents and templates anywhere and at any time and conveniently edit, send and digitally sign them from your PC, tablet or smartphone while on the move. Thanks to location- and time-independent online access to documents ready for signing, all contracting parties can quickly and easily sign contracts and documents and put them to bed. You save valuable time and enjoy maximum flexibility in your processes and workflows. RSign is ideal for home office solutions, hybrid work teams and anyone who is often away on business.


Sequential signatures and multi-party signatures

Do you have a document that needs to be sent to, reviewed by and signed by different parties? No problem, we have the solution! With the "Sequential Signature" function, you define the order of signatories according to your processes. The system automatically sends the document in the order you specify. With the option of obtaining multi-party signatures in individual order, you significantly optimise your workflow and save a lot of time and resources.


The dashboard: reporting and tracking functions for a better overview

In the integrated dashboard, the control centre of RSign, you have access to detailed information as well as comprehensive statistics at any time. Thanks to real-time notifications, you always have an eye on the processing status and know exactly who is currently processing your document. Real-time notifications inform you when someone has signed, refuses to sign the document or your specified deadline has been exceeded. This allows you to react early to delays in the signing process and take action. Using the folder structure, you can manage your documents and contracts and thus have a full overview of your contracts and documents. The dashboard thus takes over the function of a file repository without storing documents longer than needed.


System integration via API

With REST API, you can fully integrate RSign with your ERP, CRM and CMS systems to fully digitalise your signing process. All functions are 100% controllable via API, data exchange is via XML, hybrid solutions (app and API) are possible. Via API query and/or webhooks (optional) you receive real-time feedback on status changes of your documents. API integrations are professionally supported by us. On request, you will receive detailed documentation as well as training and education material. Very extensive and complex projects are individually accompanied by one of our project managers.

Customised solution for your contract and approval processes

Are you looking for a solution for simple electronic signatures to digitise contract and approval processes? Then RMail, our solution for secure and efficient email communication, with its integrated signature function is the perfect tool for you. With just a few clicks, you can prepare documents for signature and send them conveniently from your e-mail programme.


Obtain signatures for documents and contracts electronically at any time

Wherever you are in the world, with RMail's integrated signature function you can prepare and send contracts and documents as attachments directly from your existing mailbox for digital signature at any time and from anywhere. Various options are available to you

  • as an e-paper for direct electronic signature of all attached documents
  • with input fields (SmartTags) for completion and signing

Whichever option you choose, the signatory is guided step by step through the signing process so that no mistakes occur and the document is fully completed and legally signed at the end. The document is signed in the order of the recipients. No technical knowledge or software installation is required on the part of the signatory; an e-mail programme and web browser are sufficient.


Add SmartTags to documents and contracts

SmartTags allow you to add input fields for e.g. name, address or date to a document and assign them to a specific signatory. With the help of a form field tag, signatories can quickly and easily add their details at the required point in the document. Once the document is completed and electronically signed, the sender receives a final PDF with all embedded values.


System integration via SMTP scheme

For RMail Signature, we offer a simplified integration option via SMTP Scheme. This solution is suitable if you only need to collect signatures and neither template, rules nor real-time tracking of the documents are mandatory. Documents can be tagged and automatically filled and sent via your CRM, CMS or ERP system. Experience shows that the integration effort is less than 3 hours.


Benefit from additional, comprehensive functions for e-mail security and compliance

RMail can do much more: In addition to e-mail tracking and e-mail encryption, RMail offers clever tools and features - e.g. Large Mail File Transfer, one-time text function and much more - for more efficiency and security of your entire e-mail communication. User-friendly design, intuitive operation and high recipient acceptance are further advantages of RMail. However, the heart of the system is the proof of delivery, in which all relevant data on the respective e-mail correspondence (e.g. server log files, delivery status, IP addresses & original message) are summarised. As soon as the proof has been created in a tamper-proof manner, all data is deleted from our servers in the EU. The proof can be verified and authenticated at any time to recover the data and the original message. RMail is the solution for exchanging personal data digitally by email in a verifiable, traceable and efficient manner in compliance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Compliance, security and digital document sealing

We use cryptographic methods to protect confidential and personal data in your documents. As soon as your document has been electronically signed, it is provided with a digital seal and protected against manipulation by the checksum created here. This way you can guarantee the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data and information at all times. A detailed signature protocol is created, which can be used to prove the legally binding signature of the document at any time. All parties involved can verify the authenticity and content of the sealed and digitally signed document with a PDF reader. Additional features for even more security, such as two-factor authentication or password protection, are optionally available.


In accordance with your company's internal guidelines and the requirements of the DSGVO, transaction data can be anonymised and its retention period limited. The privacy mode even protects your transactions from prying eyes of your administrators. The entire signature process, the authentication of the participants, the content of the signed document as well as the compliance with the legal guidelines can be legally proven at any time thanks to the auditable proof.


Whether you choose RSign or the integrated signature via RMail: With our services for electronic signatures and digital contract management, we guarantee you the highest security and transparency in adherence to data protection guidelines and compliance. You benefit from numerous features for efficient and secure email communication.


Contact us now: We would be happy to analyse with you which digital signature tool is better suited to your individual document processes.

Frequently asked questions

Electronic signature: easier than ever! With our smart solutions, you can legally sign documents electronically anytime and anywhere. Digitise your contract and approval processes now.

Yes, to do this click on "RMail Options" and select "Signature field". You can add your signature (embedded with IP number and desktop time) to each email and a digital signature (digital seal) to the attachments.

Yes, anyone who receives a contract or agreement and is on the recipient list can sign the document. The recipient of the fully signed document will see all signatures. All signatories will also receive a copy of the fully signed document.

The legal rules and regulations differ depending on the country, the type of signature and the area of use. Frama advises obtaining a risk-benefit assessment in conjunction with legal advice before using an electronic signature solution. Frama cannot give legal advice for obvious reasons.

With the free trial licence, you can test RMail and/or RSign - our solutions for electronic signature and digital contract management - without obligation. Simply register here and get started.

All you need for a digital signature is internet access. You can do the rest either via the keyboard or the touch screen.

A scanned handwritten signature does not comply with eIDAS. As it is only a copy of the original, it has little probative value in court. Scanned handwritten signatures can be altered with image editing software, cut out or copied for other purposes. This can ultimately amount to forgery & should never be used for business purposes.

With RSign you can easily prepare any Word document for electronic signature. Drag and drop it into your RSign account, add input fields to the Word document and send it to your contract partner. They will be guided step by step through the document until it has been completed and electronically signed.

Drag and drop the signing PDF into your RSign account and add fillable fields to it. You can then send the PDF for electronic signature. The signer is guided step-by-step through the document until it is completed and digitally signed.

With our e-signature, e-contracts, digital contract management and contract lifecycle management (CLM) solutions, you can digitally sign documents and contracts anytime and anywhere from the comfort of your PC or from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Drag and drop the document to be signed into your RSign account, add fillable fields and then send it for electronic signature. The signer is guided step-by-step through the document until it is completed and digitally signed.

With our integrated signature function in RMail, you can also insert your signature into an e-mail or request it externally. Simply create an email and insert your signature with one click.