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ERP, CRM and CMS integrations

Integrate e-signature, track & trace and data protection functions into your IT infrastructure

Optimise your processes and expand existing systems and programmes with our add-ins for Microsoft 365, salesforce, iManage and other systems. Quickly installed, centrally administered and ready to use, our integration solutions enable seamless work and bring more quality, productivity and efficiency to your processes.

Integration options of the R1 platform

  •     Extensions for Outlook 365, Gmail, salesforce, iManage (add-ins). Perfect interaction with your standard software.
  •     API REST interface with Webhook messaging system
  •     SendMail interface for email automation
  •     Printer integration in Microsoft 365. You can address the R1 platform by controlling the RAPP printer
  •     SMTP Scheme for function and feature control of the R1 platform (special registration required)

We would be happy to present the possibilities to you in detail. Please contact us.

RMail Add-In for Microsoft 365 und Gmail

The RMail App Suite offers an excellent addition to any Outlook 365 installation. The add-in can be centrally administered and configured in terms of functionality to enforce compliance rules. We offer specific configurations on request.

The RMail add-in extends Outlook 365 with functions for proof of delivery, email encryption (transport encryption TLS or end-to-end encryption), electronic signature, document dispatch (file exchange) up to 1 GB as well as functions to protect your sent data. All verifiable and auditable.

Integration in salesforce

Extensions for email encryption, proof of delivery and electronic signatures are available for salesforce CRM. The seamless integration increases the efficiency of your sales. Form fields are pre-filled in contracts, for example, and after the contract is signed, data is read back into the CRM. This minimises manual effort and leads to fewer errors. The e-mail extension RMail complements salesforce with proof of delivery and encryption. This allows you to transfer personal data in a verifiably protected manner (DSGVO Art 5).

Integrations in ERP/CRM systems via API

With various APIs and technologies, we offer a cost-effective way to expand existing systems with targeted functions. The range of controllable functions is almost unlimited. Based on your requirements, we recommend an API and a corresponding technology. Many of the interfaces can be realised in a very short time. In particular, the ability to send commands to the RMail server via subject line parameters is one of the most used integrations in the field of email communication, electronic contract signing and digital approval processes.

Complex integrations include a complete API integration including a webhook messaging system to provide your systems with real-time status information on your sent documents, contracts and approvals.

Talk to us: We would be happy to present our software solutions for efficient and secure digital business communication and the various integration options to you in detail.