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Create, personalise and print your own postage

Through the serema Online portal, printing your own personalised postage has never been easier. Apply your own branded design on each letter, save time using pre-defined favorites and keep an eye on postage spends via the build-in cost centres and reporting tools.

Create your own postage


Advantages at a glance:

  • Cheaper than stamps – ALWAYS the lowest possible postage rate
  • Stamps and postage with YOUR company or personal brand and logo for letters with impact
  • Ensure correct postage EVERY time
  • Suitable for envelopes, parcels and everything you send
  • No additional purchases – pay-as-you-go postage
  • Print on your office or home computer
  • Multiple users can access and print simultaneously
  • Each printed stamp has built-in tracking for Registered Mail – no need to type Track and Trace numbers

Watch the video and see how easy serema makes managing your post online:

Simple Address Management

  • Create an address book for frequently-used addresses
  • Import addresses function for large databases or postage volumes
  • Intuitive search and filter function to quickly select addresses

Cost Control and Reporting

  • Monitor postage costs across your business
  • Generate reports including dates, postage costs, cost centres and more
  • Provides monthly and annual reporting
  • Export reports to commonly used formats and platforms

Online postage could not be simpler

  • No additional purchases – pay-as-you go postage
  • Print postage on your office/home printer
  • Multiple users can access and print simultaneously – perfect for the office and hybrid working teams (WFH)
  • Each printed stamp has built-in tracking for registered mail – no need to type in Track & Trace numbers

No more trips to the Post Office

  • Print your postage at any time, either individually or on label sheets to use when needed
  • Pay-as-you-go postage means you never run out of stamps
  • Funds can be loaded onto the platform by credit card and Paypal
  • Automatically updates with the lowest stamps prices available

Print your own cheaper postage online

1. Select class and weight of your parcel/envelope
2. Select your own logo or image
3. Print your own personalised labels
4. Affix to your parcel/envelope
5. Place your stamp on the parcel/envelope – and it’s done!

Secure Email Encryption

Encrypt your emails with a simple plugin to Outlook and/or Gmail

  • No downloads required for sender or recipient
  • Protect sensitive data and ensure compliancy
  • Registered Receipt to demonstrate who sent what when to whom and how (UK-GDPR Article 5, clause 1f, 2)
  • Wealth of features designed to keep your data secure

Simple and secure e-Signatures

  • Conclude contracts and agreements online on any device, anywhere in the world
  • Create templates, manage document flows online
  • Send docs for e-signature securely and encrypted as standard
  • Configure your dashboard and see document status at a glance

Online Stamps with your logo in colour

  • Personalise your postage with your company logo
  • Printed stamps are always cheaper than the Post Office
  • Promote your business with every envelope or parcel
  • Choose between colour or monochrome
  • Upload multiple logos for different departments

Advantages of using serema

Branding kit

Free of Charge!

Add your brand message to every letter, in colour or black and white. You decide. Your outgoing mail becomes part of your corporate identity.

Perfect for WFHers

serema has built-in features to keep track of postage costs. We offer you a variety of reports, downloadable at any time!

Easy Online Postage

Printing online postage has never been easier. Simply log-in and print! We care about your petty cash. You’ll never run out of stamps. And by the way, we update Royal Mail’s tariff tables automatically. You define what you want to send, we calculate the correct price!

General Questions

serema is an online platform that allows you to print your own personalised stamps, manage your postage costs, and control outgoing shipments through a simple, easy-to-use portal.

To create an online stamp with serema, simply select the desired postage via the Serema platform. serema Online has a ‘letters or parcels’ function, allowing you to create the correct postage every time. Once selected, simply print your stamps on your normal office printer onto labels and affix them to your envelopes/parcels.

At the same time you can add your company logo in colour to your stamp. Print out the stamp and stick it on the envelope/parcel. 

Your printed online stamp will not expire until the end of the 7th calendar day following the purchase (unless the postal tariff chosen is changed by Royal Mail). The purchase date is printed directly on the Internet stamp when it is created.


  • Letters/parcels incl. available additional services
  • Special Delivery (SD)
  • Royal Mail Signed For (RMSF)


  • Letters/parcels incl. available additional services
  • Royal Mail International Tracked and Signed

To print out your online stamp with serema, you can simply use existing printers. Alternatively, you can also use a label printer (Frama provides two models). serema supports the following print formats when printing your online stamp:

For envelopes:

  • Labels 38 mm x 105 mm (when using a label printer)
  • A4 label sheet 2 x 8 (Herma sheet #8326)

For parcels, Special Delivery and Royal Mail Signed For/Tracked:

  • Parcel Labels for QL-1100 (164mm x 103mm)
  • A4 label sheet 2 x 2 (Herma sheet #4627)

The answer is yes. serema supports Royal Mail parcels, parcel force both nationally and internationally.

serema can be perfectly adapted to your needs. For example, you can only use the online franking option without paying for the other options. For more information about the offers, you are welcome to contact us.

Your Serema Account

As soon as you have registered, you will have access to the serema platform. In order to provide you with the cheapest postage available, we have to apply for your customer licence from the Royal Mail. This normally takes 1 to 2 business days.

As soon as this licence is received, you will be informed via email and then can start printing your own personalised stamps!

On the login page, click on the ‘forgot password’ link. Your new password will be sent to you via email.

Simply send an email to We will be in touch and guide you through the process.

The remaining postage account will be credited back to you. We charge a processing fee of £20. If your balance is lower than £20, you will not be entitled to the remaining balance.

Accounting and Reporting

Simply login to your account and click on:

  1. Accounting
  2. Accounting overview
  3. View remaining postage volume

Within the serema portal, you have your own account with postage credit. serema keeps this account on behalf of Royal Mail.
You can load money onto your account at any time and then use it for your postage needs (like a pay-as-you-go account).

By default, serema automatically tops up your account when it reaches a pre-defined low limit. If you wish, you can also top-up manually.
To view and manage your top-up settings, click:

  1. Accounting
  2. Postage credit

To trigger an immediate top-up follow the steps above, and then click on ‘Top up now’.

To load postage credit, you can pay online with:

  • Credit Card (Mastercard, Visa, AMEX)
  • Paypal

serema offers numerous functions for the professional management and evaluation of your postage costs. The intuitive reporting function lets you analyse postage costs

  • Subdivided by month or year
  • Across cost centres (not available with basic license)

At any time with just a few clicks.

All reports can be exported in multiple formats, including Word, PPT, Excel, or PDF. All reports can also be printed directly from the portal.