Folder Inserters for every letter volume | Frama

Folder Inserters for every letter volume

Folding, enveloping and sealing in one step

Folder Inserters

Folder inserters envelope stuffers and paper folding machine for your individual requirements

Frama folder inserters support you in the daily management of your outgoing collateral. Whether small, medium, or large volumes, we offer the solution to fit your business’ needs.


Our inserting machines at a glance:

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Kuvertiermaschine C400i | Frama Deutschland
  • Small business document folding and inserting machine
  • Space saving design
  • Low noise operation
  • Medium volume document folding and inserting machine
  • Perfect for direct mail campaigns
  • Saves time and money
Mailer C770iQ - Kuvertiermaschinen | Frama
  • Medium to high volume folder inserter
  • Completes up to 1,000 envelopes per hour
Kuvertiermaschine C850i | Frama Deutschland
  • High volume folding and inserting machine
  • Can process up to 4000 items per hour
  • Available in several configurations

Optimise your outgoing mail

Folder Inserters | Frama

Communication with existing or new customers is of great importance to any business. Folding, inserting and closing outgoing mail by hand is time-consuming work. Over the course of a year the labour costs of doing this manual work can be very expensive.

Frama inserting machines do the tedious and time-consuming folding and inserting of your business mail, as well as the subsequent sealing of the envelopes, for you in just a single work step. Benefit from shortened and optimised workflows and communicate quickly, efficiently and easily with your customers, employees and future business partners.

High performance

Folder Inserters | Frama

Whichever machine you choose, with every Frama inserter, mailings, invoices or circulars are processed without any problems and are ready for dispatch in the shortest possible time. All Frama inserters are characterised by the highest possible flexibility, reliability and ease of operation. The systems impress with their modular expandability and can be converted or retrofitted at any time.

Get a reliable partner at your side when it comes to optimising the processing of your outgoing mail and making it more efficient. Regardless of whether you want to send out large mailing campaigns or just a few letters.

Flexible financing options

Folder Inserters - Flexible Financing Options | Frama

You can rent Frama folder inserters quickly and easily – all Frama equipment is leased through our own in-house finance company, which means no third parties and no random invoices. Our own financing means we can offer flexibility and tailor a package to the specific requirements of your business.

A folder inserter is a time-saving and cost-efficient way of inserting single or multiple sheets into an envelope. The machine will insert the documents, close the envelope and even seal it, ready for franking or postage.

A folder inserter is economical and efficient for all volumes of business mail.

  • Save time and money:  a Frama folder inserter drastically reduces the man hours spent folding and inserting items into envelopes, often at a fraction of the cost.
  • Professional processing:  manually folding and inserting mail into envelopes can be difficult – it is virtually impossible to fold and insert every item in exactly the same way. This can result in missing letters, missing items, and misaligned addresses in the envelope window. A Frama folder inserter eliminates these issues and adds significant professionalism to our outgoing post.

Frama offer a wide range of folder inserters depending on the requirements of the individual business. Speak to one of our specialists today.

Simply answer the following three questions:

  • Do you still fold, envelope and seal your business mail laboriously by hand?
  • Are you often annoyed by imprecise folding results and does it get on your nerves to fold and then bag each document individually?
  • Do your employees lose valuable working time that could be used for more important tasks?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then Frama has exactly the solution that suits your company. Frama offers inserting machines for every performance class and every need - whether for small, medium or large companies.

Frama provide service contracts for all envelope inserter machines. Over time, paper dust accumulates and causes the rollers to lose grip – the service contract ensures problem-free operation and long service life for your letter folding machine.