Kuvertieren von Dokumenten in einem Arbeitsschritt: Kuvertiermaschine C400i

Folder Inserter for Small Businesses

Fully flexible Financing Options

DS-40i/DS-35 Desktop Folder Inserter

Enveloping documents of all kinds

For professionally processed outgoing mail - the DS-40i and DS-35 folder inserters are intuitive and child's play to operate. An integrated software wizard guides you step by step through programming and ensures that even inexperienced staff can operate the machine directly.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Speed: 1,350 insertions/hour.
  • Folding capacity: 2 sheets per 80 g/m2 (automatic feed), 5 sheets per 80 g/m2 (daily mail mode)
  • Manual or automatic folding and inserting settings
  • Folding modes: single fold, wrap fold, double parallel fold, fold only
  • Up to 15 programmes can be stored for frequently used folding and inserting settings
  • Cascade function for processing the same documents from both feeders
  • "Folding only" function possible

What you can expect

Frama DS-40i and DS-35 Folder Inserters are designed for preparing direct mail campaigns for small businesses - Check out the features!

Mailer C400i - Kuvertiermaschinen | Frama
Mailer C400i - Kuvertiermaschinen | Frama
Mailer C400i - Kuvertiermaschinen | Frama

Daily mail station

  • With the daily mail function, up to 5 sheets of A4 size (80 g/m2, stacked) can be folded and inserted simultaneously via feed 1.
  • When finished, the machine switches off automatically.

Mailer C400i - Kuvertiermaschinen | Frama

Glass touch screen

  • Intuitive operation thanks to 5" glass touch screen. Here you can also save your recurring tasks (document sequence, fold type, fold dimensions, address position, etc.) and then call them up at any time at the touch of a button.


Able to cope with a wide variety of applications quickly and efficiently including automating many complex manual mailing jobs.

Einfaches kuvertieren von Dokumenten oder Beilagen dank praktischer Dokumentenzuführung

Greater productivity

Two feeders for A4 documents and one feeder for inserts such as flyers or reply envelopes help to increase flexibility and productivity. With the daily mail function, up to 5 sheets can be folded and inserted simultaneously.


The folder inserter is equipped with 2 automatic feeding stations for A4 documents which can be interconnected. This interconnection means that the inserter automatically switches to the second feed station as soon as the first one is empty. It can then be refilled without interrupting the inserting process.

Ausklappbare Kuvertablage für eine saubere Stapelung von kuvertierten Dokumenten

Easy stacking

The fold-out letter tray, which is designed for a wide range of envelope formats such as C5 and C5/6, ensures neat stacking of the finished envelopes.

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13x faster

This allows you to process your daily mail, invoices, serial and marketing letters, pay slips together with the desired enclosures fully automatically and thus 13 times faster than by hand.

Length: 658 mm
Width: 540 mm
Height: 420 mm
Weight: 37 kg

Downloads to DS-40i and DS-35 Folder Inserter