DS-63 Folder Inserter

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DS-63 Manual Paper Folder Inserter

Folder Inserters

The DS-63 folder inserter is designed for low to mid-volume mailings, providing your business with flexible performance for varying sizes of direct mail campaigns.The operator friendly controls allow you to load and run up to 9 pre-programmed jobs freeing up labour hours for more productive tasks. For common applications such as invoices, statements, direct mail and reply envelopes the DS63 folder inserter is the perfect solution.

Advantages at a glance

  • Low noise level
  • Compact size
  • Easy to use
  • Daily Mail - 5 sheets by hand stapled or not
  • Load N’ Go - No settings needed
  • Secure N’ Feed - Double document detection
  • FlexFeed - Different sizes process at same time
  • PowerFold - Fold up to 5 documents at once
  • Prevents costly errors - built-in double-detection on all feeders, auto stop.

What you can expect

Frama DS-63 Folder Inserters are designed for low- to mid-volume mailings - Check out the features!

Folder Inserter DS-63 Touchscreen Select | Frama UK
Folder Inserter DS-63 Touchscreen Start | Frama UK
Folder Inserter DS-63 Touchscreen Start | Frama UK


  • Great solution for invoices or statements, direct mail and reply envelopes, and variable length documents with OMR

Stops manual folding

  • Manual feed on daily mail mode processes up to five pages stapled or unstapled

Folder Inserter DS-63 Touchscreen Start | Frama UK

Saves time

  • Up to 9 common applications can be programmed

Insert almost anything

  • Insert A4, A5, leaflets, postcards or envelopes
  • The DS-63’s flex feeders handle just about any insert size or type, giving you endless mailing opportunities
  • You can even insert stapled leaflets

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