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mail. message. managed. - Frama supports your postal correspondence with trend-setting technology. 

Frama was the first manufacturer to integrate a touchscreen control and automatic rate calculation in their franking machines. If there is outgoing mail there is also incoming mail. Electronic Letter Openers by Frama open envelopes fast, efficient and without cutting wastes. Our seek for innovation was and is always appreciated by our customers.

Matrix Frankiermaschinen ¦ Frama

When comparing franking machines, the choice can be bewildering. Here at Frama we have created this handy guide to help you confidently choose the right Frama machine for your business needs.

Brieföffner ¦ Frama

Opens your business mail much quicker than standard, manual methods. Saves valuable labour hours.

Mail processing and OneTouch in one Product

The exclusive OneTouch functions and the reduced number of operating elements underline Frama's competence and claim to make processing incoming and outgoing mail as simple as possible.

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Mail processing refers to the handling of incoming and outgoing sendings For routine tasks such as manually opening and franking letters, automatic mail processing machines are available that perform these tasks efficiently and reliably.

Mail processing includes not only letters and parcels, but also faxes and e-mails.

Mail processing involves tasks in outgoing mail, which may be a mailroom in your company, for example.

Here we distinguish between an electronic inbox or a classic inbox, the latter referring to the processing of letters in a company or organization. An electronic inbox is a folder into which e-mails are regularly received.

Incoming mail consists of individual work steps: Letters or parcels must be collected, and in the second step they must be allowed to be opened (by a responsible person in the organisation) or be able to be opened (by letter openers such as the Frama Access B400). Individual letters are handed over to the assigned departments.

The post office plays a big role when it comes to calculating rates or packaging material. Of course, there are other services provided by the post office. But nowadays you can also buy stamps online via serema to save yourself the step to the post office.

Mail processing and data protection are strongly interrelated. Not every employee has the right to open mail in your company. Let us advise you. Frama offers numerous products in the digital field, such as email encryption in order to stay compliant.

Mail processing generates a lot of paperwork. Read here in this article how you can run a paperless office. Digitizing incoming mail is all about ensuring that papers or letters are processed as quickly, efficiently, and gently as possible. Frama franking machines, letter openers as well as digital products as RMail, RSign will help you to stay compliant when sending emails in your organization.