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Franking Machines

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Franking Machines

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As postage rates are at an all-time high, now is the time for businesses to seriously consider investing in a franking machine.
Each franking system is optimized for its particular area of use and your volume of mail. Compare!

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Now frank even small postal volumes both economically and ecologically.

Digital, expandable and a hight degree of user comfort. That's 100% Mailmax.

OfficeMail is the world's fastest thermal printing franking machine.

Franking Machines, Swiss made

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Proven design – cutting-edge technology. Experience our commitment to designing postal management that is highly efficient, convenient, and simple.

Franking with one touch: touch - frank!

EcoMail or Mailmax: the franking system generation for a wide range of applications. Each franking system is optimized for its particular area of use and your volume of mail.
All franking machines are operated exclusively with a touchscreen: quick, simple determination of the correct postage rate without rate tables, codes, or instruction manuals!

Always up-to-date!

FramaLink guarantees the secure, efficient loading of postage credits for all aspects of your postal room and mailing requirements. Software updates, new postage rates and structures – stay on top of things.

Simple – secure – straightforward.

A franking machine is used to print a barcode on to a letter or parcel in place of a traditional postage stamp. A franking machine downloads and securely stores postage funds and is used to guide the user when choosing mail classes and special services. 
Franking machines can weigh letters and parcels and print the postage amount based on Royal Mail prices. Franked postage prices are always cheaper than stamps, no matter what class is sent. 

A franking machine franks mail items of all kinds such as letters, registered mail, postcards, advertising mail etc. With franking machines you frank envelopes easily and quickly.

Operating a franking machine is relatively easy: Simply start the franking machine and select the desired postage value or dispatch type using the function keys. You then feed your letters in on one side and they come out pre-franked on the other. The postage value printed on the machine is deducted directly from the machine's postage credit. Additional postage credit can be easily topped up at any time via a high-speed LAN connection.

Yes you can have a slogan on your Frama fanking machine. With a Slogan added to your Frama franking machine you can communicate with your customers before they open their envelopes by adding a message or a logo of your choice. To add a new logo please email admin@frama.co.uk.

This is different in each country. Please contact our partner network and select your country.

At Frama (PTY) Ltd. you have a selection of franking machines for every need. 

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