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The electric letter opener Access B400 from Frama opens far more than just your letters: it opens the door to more convenient and efficient processing of incoming mail in your company - day after day.

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Automatischer Brieföffner Access B400 | Frama

The Letter Opener Access B400 truely is an office highlight and is probably the best of its category.

Open letters reliably and without damaging the letter contents

Brieföffner Access B400 ¦ Frama

When opening mail manually by hand, letters may become damaged or even rendered illegible. With automatic letter openers from Frama, your incoming mail is opened carefully and, above all, quickly. Without pre-sorting, you can process your incoming mail. All incoming letters are opened fully automatically and are then ready for further processing. Both large and small formats can be processed, as well as different thicknesses (depending on the model) up to 10 mm.

Frama's automatic letter openers do much more than just open your letters. They open the door to more convenient and efficient processing of incoming mail!

Open letters without waste

Brieföffner Access B400 ¦ Frama

No long pre-sorting, no thickness adjustment, no keystrokes. Simply place the stack of letters and off you go! Thanks to its unique technology of slitting letters instead of cutting or milling them, there is also no cutting waste to dispose of.

A letter opener or letter opening machine is a device that ensures your letters are opened safely. Reduce cutting waste with Frama letter opener's unique slitting technology.

Simply answer the following three questions:

  • Do you still open your letters laboriously by hand?
  • Do your employees lose valuable working time that could be used for more important tasks?
  • Is the content of your incoming mail often damaged when opened manually?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then Frama has just the solution to open your incoming mail safely. Because Frama offers automatic letter openers for every performance class. Opening letters without leaving a trace - simple.

The use of an automatic letter opener brings the following advantages:

  • Faster opening of mail than traditional, manual methods
  • Saves many hours
  • Opening of incoming mail without damaging the contents of the letter, protecting the valuable contents
  • Mail reaches the recipient more quickly, speeding up processing and replying

The Access B400 automatic letter opener is perfect for companies with a higher volume of letters. With functions such as automatic return in the event of a letter jam or processing from the stack up to envelope format C4/B4.

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