Finance & Administration

What we do
We ensure that Frama AG has the necessary financial and personnel resources needed to carry out planned projects and tasks, and that all financial and legal requirements are met so that all activities can be performed to the highest standards. Thanks to professional HR services we offer an attractive recruitment and working environment as well as active support for our employees.

The contribution we make to Frama AG's corporate success
As an in-house service provider, we ensure the availability of all required resources so that Frama AG can perform its services. Through the fundamentals we have implimented, we support Frama AG in terms of finances and personnel thereby playing our part in ensuring long-term corporate success.

About us
Our total of six employees perform specialised tasks in the following areas: finance and accounting, controlling, human resources and administration.

What you can expect with us

  • Clear, understandable structures and deep insight into Frama AG's overall operating processes
  • A team characterized by continuity and openness towards innovation
  • An international focus and contact with partners from various language regions and cultures
Hans-Jörg Bula

"Serving as a central point of contact, we are always there for our fellow employees!"

Hans-Jörg Bula

Chief Financial Officer