What we do
We procure the materials needed for the production of front-end units around the world. Included in our core tasks is the production of franking systems, tax meters and transaction printers as well as downstream customer support. We are continually improving our production processes and adapt to rapidly changing technologies and new requirements. Through the universal use of powerful EDP systems (SAP, SolidWorks 3D CAD, LabVIEW) we are able to implement our processes with great efficiency.

The contribution we make to Frama AG's corporate success
With cost-optimised procurement and production of front-end units as well as working in close collaboration with the Technology Department, we ensure Frama AG has the solutions it needs to succeed in an international marketplace. Through consistently lean, EDP-controlled processes, we provide an efficient, uniform approach to respond to the most diverse questions and issues.

About us
The Operations Department consists of approximately 40 employees who are involved in a variety of activities including supply chain, production, engineering tariff management and customer support.

What you can expect with us

  • Opportunities to actively help design our products and processes, especially in engineering and supply chain management
  • Very bright, generously sized workplaces, even in production
  • Continuity in the composition of teams through numerous employees who have been with us for many years
  • Specific suggestions and support for advanced training and education
  • Opportunities for personal growth
Markus Arn

"Thanks to our efficiency and cost-oriented production environment, we use optimal manufacturing resources to procure, process and distribute goods around the world."

Markus Arn

Chief Operating Officer