What we do
We develop, test, operate and maintain data centres for the handling of sensitive and financial data for our international customers. Developing and ensuring the proper operation of franking systems, tax meters and funds-related transaction printers are also key areas of focus in our diverse spectrum of activities. This involves many aspects in informatics and confirms Frama's position as a state of the art provider in the area of cryptography for secure handling of funds and data.

Most of our projects operate within an international environment. Through intense involvement with country-specific customs and cultures, our daily working life is extremely varied and we continually face new challenges. During consultations for and support of postal organisations and authorities, we incorporate our experience and are constantly learning new things. The topic of data security is something we integrate into our daily thinking and actions.

The contribution we make to Frama AG's corporate success

The development, operation and maintenance of data centres is one of Frama AG's core businesses. Through these activities, we make a substantial contribution to the company's success. Thanks to the continual, ongoing expansion and maintenance of Frama AG's IT infra-structure, our solutions can be intergrated and operated around the world.

About us
The Technology Department currently consists of approximately 30 people. We bring our expertise in the areas of software development, testing, project management and release management. Additionally, we operate data centres (RCC Services) for our customers. Thanks to our experience and various educational backgrounds (informatics, engineers at all levels, trainees in informatics), we are able to comprehensively respond to questions and issues with the necessary vision.

What you can expect with us

  • Challenging, complex and forward-thinking projects with plenty of flexibility and room for creativity, all based on the latest technologies
  • State of the Art development methods based on Scrum
  • Varying team formations in international projects
  • Long-term commitment and in-house opportunities for personal development
  • A flexible employment model including the ability to work at home
  • Specific, active support and participation in further education and advanced training
  • Modern, generously sized workplaces and the latest tools
Beat Wält

"Thanks to motivated employees, the build-up of specific expertise and consistent operation of systems according to ISO 27001 based on IT Grundschutz, we can implement our development projects with a minimal use of resources. The completed system solutions then prove their value on a daily basis and in an international environment."

Beat Wälti

Chief Technology Officer

"Working together as a motivated, highly competent team, we develop IT solutions to address the most complex requirements. We are always looking ahead and take an active role in designing Frama's future."

Thomas Wildi

Software System Architect