Management System

Frama AG’s core competence is transferring and managing sensitive information and administering financial information and customer contacts. The certificates encompass the information and communication technologies and processes that Frama AG needs for its operational handling of this data. They rely on applied procedures for manufacturing/initializing/using cryptographic keys and modules and processes for operating the data center at the headquarters in Lauperswil (Switzerland).

Frama AG views quality, environmental performance, information security, and occupational safety as the basic conditions for successful business activity.

That is why Frama AG runs comprehensive, auditable processes for

  • Information security in order to guarantee long-term, comprehensive protection of the affected business units from risks and infringements of information security, whose requirements include, but are not limited to, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information and the accountability of each individual regarding the use of information and compliance with data protection regulations.
  • Quality management that ensures that its products and services fulfill customer requirements in the long term, achieving a high degree of customer satisfaction. This fulfillment of customer requirements includes compliance with the applicable legal requirements of the products.
  • Environmental management to optimize its products and services ecologically as far as is economically feasible, ensure compliance with the requirements and regulations relevant to its products and manufacturing processes and minimize the pollution associated with its business activities.
  • Occupational safety to protect the lives and health of its staff and to take all safety measures that experience has revealed to be necessary according to the state of the art and appropriate to the given conditions.

Compliance with processes and normative prescriptions are evaluated and verified by independent testing institutions at regular intervals.

FIPS 140-2

FIPS 140-2

Security Requirements for Cryptographic Modules


Eco Power Certificate

Eco power from naturemade star-certified hydropower plants

ISO 27001

ISO 27001 Certificate in compliance with IT-Grundschutz

Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) in compliance with IT-Grundschutz

OHSAS 18001

ISO 45001

Occupational Health and Safety Management System


ISO 14001

Environmental Management System

ISO 9001

ISO 9001

Quality Management System

Frankiermaschine Energy Star


The franking machine Matrix F12 and Matrix F22 have earned the ENERGY STAR

D&B Rating Certificate

D&B Rating Certificate

D&B Rating Certificate