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mail. message. managed. – We are experts in automation, compliance and digitalisation in the written workflow. With the latest technologies and services, we help you to make your entire written B2B and B2C communication simpler, more secure and more efficient. We support you in the efficient processing of your daily mail, develop solutions for more security and efficiency in your digital business communication, implement DRM projects (digital rights management) and advise you on compliance and data protection guidelines.

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We find the optimal solution for your needs

We find the optimal solution for your needs - We are Frama | Frama

Whether it's a franking machine, letter opener, email security, compliance, electronic signature, digital contract management or process automation: whatever your wishes, ideas or needs are, we will find exactly the right solution for you. Reach your Customers – With Frama!

Your satisfaction is our goal

Our primary goal is your satisfaction and your individual benefit. From advice to financing, installation, inspection and maintenance: we are your single point of contact throughout the entire product life cycle. In doing so, value retention and investment security are our top priorities. Benefit from our flexible financing solutions, our many years of know-how, our first-class 5-star service and our worldwide on-site support.

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From the first conversation to the delivery and installation of the device, everything went smoothly. Many thanks.

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From the idea to innovation

Inventive talent and the courage to try something new have been the driving forces behind our company since it was founded in 1970. We are always on the lookout for new, exciting customer stories that expand our range of solutions. Because only those who dare to look beyond their own nose can view the existing from a new perspective and continue to develop.

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Stay curious and try it out. Then everything will be fine.

Simon, Business Development Manager Digital Services

We are from Switzerland

We are from Switzerland | Frama

In addition to all our seriousness and our high quality standards for our solutions, we are a cheerful and colourful company. Among our employees you will find individualists, visionaries, analysts, doers, IT nerds, bicycle fanatics, garden freaks, hobby beekeepers, VW bus lovers, musicians and artists.

We are more than a website and do not hide behind URLs and marketing phrases: With us you can talk, discuss, debate and have a coffee. We are friendly, focused, flexible, forward-looking, fair, fearless, festive.... we are Frama!

Curious? Don't hesitate and contact us: we're sure to find a project together!