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Tax / Stamp Duty Collection

Frama Tax Meter / Stamp Duty Solutions consist of a comprehensive offering, ranging from autonomous standalone solutions all the way through to completely networked and integrated systems. Here the focus is always on users – we make it possible for them to understand and operate our solutions as quickly and simply as possible in the most uncomplicated manner.

Along these lines, the patented ComTouch™ operating interface with OneTouch-Technology offers a flexible concept for giving the target audience the easiest access to our services, no matter what knowledge they bring along and the solution being used.

The Frama Tax Meter / Stamp Duty Solutions are ideal for processing a large number of tax transactions involving small amounts. At the same time, integrated reporting enables the control and management of tax income.

In addition to the front-end solutions already mentioned, Frama also offers numerous possibilities in the areas of management and operation. Learn more about this in the section about Concept development.