The core of the Tax Meter Solution offers a proven system, which has been approved and used in many countries around the world, for the secure and transparent processing of financial data, flow of funds and taxes (VAT). Frama operates this solution from an in-house certified data centre with its own team dedicated to development, maintenance and customer care.

The factors for success in the Frama Tax Meter / Stamp Duty Solution are based on the cornerstones of Presence (local availability), Interaction (operating concept) and Transaction (management of the flow of funds, the overall system and necessary security).

Illustration für Präsenz, Illustration for Presence


  • Support of various front-end solutions with a central back-end solution
  • Scalable processes and solutions guarantee straightforward expandability
  • Suitable solutions for web, office, cash points and public spaces
  • An inspired, easy operating concept based on ATM concepts


  • The simplest possible operation through the use of touch screens with the ability to call up predefined values at the push of a button. This means fewer entry errors.
  • 10-button keypad for optimal flexibility so that any arbitrary amounts can be processed
  • Ergonomic, flexible user interface
  • Printer system optimised for printing individual sheets of paper


  • All business processes in the Frama Data Centre are ISO 27001 certified
  • Two-colour, verifiable printed image (patent pending). A printed image (stamp) can be verified with a 2D barcode scanner (secure, digitally signed image) and/or by testing for fluorescence
  • Extensive checking throughout the entire application area (visualising the flow of funds, reporting, remote control and remote diagnostics) leads to significant reductions in process costs and higher efficiency
  • Integration into the user's existing core processes… means long-term viability
  • Introduction and operation of security processes and the core systems by Frama AG in a certified, secure environment
  • In-house customer support team for expert, process-oriented consulting