Integrated Tax Meter ITM

The Frama ITM concept is a clever solution for 24/7 operation.

Similar to the installation of ATMs, the use of the Frama ITM enables great flexibility and simple access to services in the taxation sector. The presence, the easy accessibility at centralised locations and opening times around the clock meet the users expectations. In addition, there is also flexibility in the use of payment methods: payment with cash, credit cards or debit cards.

The operating concept is based on that of ATMs so as to enable simple access to the services. To optimise operation especially as regards to fast, error-free data entry, Frama also relies on its own experience from the world of the Tax Meter TM. The simplest possible operation through the use of a touch screen guarantees correct entries and increases willingness to use it.

The concept offers efficient control over printing and payment data of every individual ITM including the value of the individual payment channels. Reporting ensures the traceability of payments, printing and flow of funds and in doing so also enables a rapid prediction of tax revenues as well as control of revenues for private tax agencies.

The Frama ITM concept can be scaled as required. Contact us for more details.