Tax Meter TM

The Tax Meter TM offers the easiest operation possible in the minimum of space. One special feature is the printing unit developed especially for printing single pages and documents. A large supporting surface and high optical resolution are two key arguments in favour of the Tax Meter TM.

A generously sized touch screen is the principle interface for the tax meter. The patented ComTouch™ interface can be designed so that it already has the most frequently used values ready to enter. The following calculation modes are available:

  • OneTouch buttons for fixed payment amounts (avoids entry errors)
  • 10-button keypad (total flexibility)
  • Calculation of amounts according to guidelines (e.g. in percentages or as a combination of a fixed amount and a percentage)

As a solution for preparing and calculating amounts of money, there are three options to choose from which differ in their complexity depending on the level of expandability and in remote services.

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Counter Loading:

Manual management of money by authorised personnel using digitally signed codes in a loading box. This process is password protected. Counter loading works autonomously without a data centre and thus does not have access to the remote functionality of other expansion levels.

Frama Web Loading:

Loading of money using a specially secured web platform. The release of new funds is carried out with prior review of the counter status (remote inspection) only in the data centre.

FramaOnline2 System:

Management of the flow of funds through integrated processes and integration of the Tax Meter TM into the data centre using TCP/IP. With this, all security functions for direct management of the flow of funds, remote inspection and remote control are available.

With its Tax Meter TM, Frama offers a clever solution which can easily scale to meet a wide range of requirements and can be expanded at any time.