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Email security & compliance: Comprehensive protection for your digital business communication

Auditable, verifiable and quickly implemented

The digitalisation of the working world continues to advance and presents companies with major challenges in terms of adherence to data protection guidelines and compliance. On the one hand, the IT infrastructure should be as secure as possible, and on the other hand, it must not negatively affect the workflow and productivity of individual employees. Due to its proliferation, email has become a popular phishing and fraud medium for companies. To make matters worse, many companies do not secure their email communication sufficiently. This opens the door for attackers to spy on company secrets and grab valuable information for phising attacks on accounting, human resources and development.

Protect your email communication: secure inbox, encrypted email, verifiable and auditable, password-protected documents - We would be happy to advise you personally and individually!

What you can expect from our products

  • Smart Encryption: Email encryption with just one click, no technical knowledge required, no complicated key exchange, central rule management possible through IT service
  • Registered Receipt: Proof of delivery with, compliance record, legally binding and auditable
  • Cyber-Security: Sensitisation of your employees, optimise protection against cybercrime with Active Tracking and Anti-Whaling
  • RMail Recommends™: Recommendations for your employees to comply with data protection guidelines, based on individually defined routing rules.
  • RMail Security Gateway Harmony™: Automated Compliance, Encryption Level with Proof of Delivery

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We can improve your email security in terms of compliance.

E-Mail-Sicherheit & Compliance | Frama
E-Mail-Sicherheit & Compliance | Frama
E-Mail-Sicherheit & Compliance | Frama

Protect your employees, trade secrets and finances

Modern data protection laws (DSGVO and also DSG) require an active demonstration obligation when transferring personal data (e.g. DSGVO Art. 5 §2). For many companies, this requirement represents another hurdle. We support your efforts for more security as well as demonstrated compliance and help you in the fight against cyber attacks via email. Our software solutions are intuitive and easy to use. No prior technical knowledge is required to use them.

E-Mail-Sicherheit & Compliance | Frama

Fight against human error, because doing error is human!

While software and technologies are always better in increasing email security, cybercriminals often choose the employee route to infiltrate a corporate network undetected. They often exploit human behaviour, such as helpfulness or curiosity, to trick unsuspecting employees into clicking on a malicious link, opening an infected attachment or disclosing confidential data such as login information in good faith. Therefore, you should regularly sensitise and train your employees on IT security risks and dangers on the web. Additional protection can be achieved by automating email encryption to ensure compliance.


Secure, safer, data protection-compliant: Comprehensive data protection and maximum security

The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the NDSG in Switzerland as well as other data protection laws such as HIPAA, REC or ASCPO define country-specific rights and obligations that companies, organisations or associations must comply with when handling personal data of individuals. The implementation of this and compliance with data protection as well as its documentation concerns every company that processes and stores sensitive data of individuals. In the worst case, a violation of the General Data Protection Regulation can be punished with a fine of up to 20 million euros or 4% of the annual worldwide turnover. In Switzerland, other amounts apply, but here the fine is directed against the persons causing the breach themselves!

Email Track & Trace: The digital form of registered email

We offer you clever software solutions for the secure transmission of data worthy of protection in accordance with DSGVO and other data protection laws. At the same time, we provide you with an auditable proof of delivery with the highest probative value in court. The proof of delivery contains comprehensive data (e.g. email addresses involved, time stamp, delivery data, server log files, etc.) of the respective transaction. With the proof of delivery, you can prove compliance at any time and demonstrate the security and confidentiality of your email communication.

Our smart software solutions are ideal for home offices and hybrid work teams. They can be effortlessly integrated into your existing IT infrastructure and enhance your email communication with innovative functions and tools for more security, transparency and quality.

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Frequently asked questions

You can do a lot for email security: email encryption (TLS or end-to-end encryption with S/MIME and OpenPGP). In addition, you can implement anti-spam and anti-virus solutions to stem the tide of spam and phishing messages and prevent the spread of malware.

Without additional security measures such as email encryption, the content of an email is not protected from unauthorised viewing on the Internet. This is why emails are often compared to postcards, which can be read by anyone who gets hold of them.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a law of the European Union and contains provisions on the handling of personal data by private companies and public bodies.


In the legal field, compliance describes the conformity of all legal requirements as well as internal guidelines by companies and their employees.

Compliance violation occurs when the applicable existing requirements are not adhered to. This can have various effects and depends on whether it is a case of non-compliance with laws, guidelines or internal company requirements.