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Clever additional tools for efficient and secure e-mail communication

Practical additional functions for more comfort, productivity and security of your digital communication

With the clever additional functions of RMail you can handle your digital business correspondence between business partners, customers and employees productively and efficiently. Whether it's automatic removal of metadata, direct PDF conversion of Office documents, fast ZIP compression of your attachments, private marginal notes, one-time text or text redaction: with the practical tools of RMail - your service for secure and verifiable email communication - you can simply and effectively optimise work work workflows and guarantee your customers and partners secure email communication at all times. Your employees will be delighted with the new possibilities.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Remove metadata effectively and securely
  • Convert documents to PDF with just one mouse click
  • Compress attachments quickly and conveniently into ZIP files
  • Add Private SideNote® quickly and easily
  • Protect sensitive data with Disapearing Ink™
  • Safely black out text passages
Email tools | Frama
Email tools | Frama

Easy PDF conversion directly from your email inbox

Whether application letters, invoices, contracts or tickets: PDFs are omnipresent in today's world and have become the global standard for read-only, digital documents. Thanks to the trend towards the paperless office, the triumph of PDFs continues. With RMail, you can easily convert your Microsoft Office documents - Word, Excel or PowerPoint - into a read-only PDF directly in your email programme with just one mouse click. To do this, simply tick the corresponding checkbox in the RMail sending options. You can also define PDF conversion as the default. Since PDF files can be edited subsequently, we recommend that you additionally protect particularly trustworthy attachments with a password and digitally sign the document.

Treachery metadata? How to remove them effectively and safely

Metadata, also called metainformation, supplements the actual data and provides more details such as file type, time of creation, file size, author and much more. If these are inadvertently disclosed, e.g. in an email attachment, they can pose a serious threat to the protection of confidential and company-related information. With RMail, you can remove metadata quickly, securely and conveniently - with a single mouse click - directly from the attachments of your email: to do this, simply tick the appropriate checkbox. You can also automate the deletion of metadata in the settings so that it is always removed from the attachments every time you send an e-mail.

Conveniently compress large files into a ZIP file with just one mouse click

With RMail you can conveniently compress attached files directly into a ZIP file with just one mouse click. Compressing your email attachments reduces the total size of the files to be transmitted. This way you save valuable storage space and can also send high-resolution files, such as photos and videos, easily by e-mail. The e-mail recipient also benefits from more free storage space in his or her mailbox and additionally saves valuable time when filing the files.

Redacted Reply™: SideNote®, Disappearing Ink™ and text redaction for particularly sensitive data

With the practical Redacted Reply™ functions, you can edit selected text passages so that they are only visible to a certain group of recipients, only during a defined period of time and/or only for a certain number of calls. In this way, you can prevent confidential information from being mistakenly forwarded to third parties or sensitive data such as passwords from being hoarded in the inbox. To protect these particularly confidential text passages even better, the Disapearing Ink™ function, the SideNote® feature or the text redaction option are available to you.

With the practical additional tools of RMail, you offer your employees instruments with which the protection of confidential information can be increased, processes optimised and cooperation strengthened across departments. Used correctly, you can save a lot of time, money and resources in the long run.

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Frequently asked questions

Metadata is also called metainformation and provides structured additional information about a file such as file type, author, time of creation, date of last modification, etc. Metadata is mainly relevant for the categorisation of files.

With RMail you can effectively and securely remove metadata from your attachments. Save extra steps and automate the deletion of metadata from your file attachments every time you send an email.

Metadata may contain confidential, sensitive as well as personal and company-related information. Therefore, we recommend deleting all metadata when sending attachments by email. With RMail you can also easily automate the deletion of metadata.

With RMail, you can convert all your Microsoft Office documents such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint into a read-only PDF directly in your email programme. In addition, you can password protect and digitally sign particularly trustworthy documents.

With RMail you can compress and send large files conveniently and with just one mouse click into a ZIP file. The recipient can unpack the ZIP file without any loss of quality.

With the ZIP format you can compress files without loss. The ZIP works like a data container in which you bundle several files and folders. Depending on the format of your files, you can reduce them by up to 12% of their original size.

Large files can be compressed easily and quickly into a ZIP file. With already compressed formats such as MP3 files, JPG pictures or MPEG videos, additional compression often only brings a very small effect.