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File sharing and sending large files? But please secure!

Send large files up to 1 GB by e-mail with just one click

In times of terabyte hard drives and high-performance smartphones, few users think about file size and storage space. But at the latest when large files such as high-resolution pictures, videos or multimedia content are to be shared, many users are faced with a question mark. The simplest method would be to send the files via e-mail. But this often fails because of the size limits of the e-mail providers.

With the LargeMail File Transfer feature of RMail - your service for verifiable e-mail communication - you can send large files, such as videos or high-resolution photos, conveniently and securely from your existing e-mail programme.

All advantages at a glance

  • Send large files up to 1 GB directly from your e-mail programme
  • Additional protection by means of encryption
  • Complete tracking, download tracking and certified proof of the transmitted data
  • No long-term storage in the cloud (files are automatically deleted after a defined period of time)
  • Automatic selection of sending method (as normal e-mail or with file transfer link)
  • No registration of the recipient necessary
  • Data protection-compliant e-mail transmission, even for particularly sensitive data
  • Possible from any end device, smartphone, tablet or similar

Frama demonstrates how to send large files with Frama RMail - Video

Transmission error: Attachment size exceeds the maximum allowed.

Send large files | Filesharing | Frama

By default, email providers allow attachments between 10 and 25 MB (some providers have limited the max. file size to 5 MB). File size limits when sending emails can be very frustrating for users, especially since even compressing the files often only slightly reduces the amount of data. The search for a data protection-compliant solution to the transmission problem disrupts the workflow and costs a lot of time, nerves and money.

Big, bigger, undeliverable: Why file size limits when sending emails?

Email providers can only process a certain number of requests on their servers at a time. To enable as many users as possible to use the e-mail services in parallel without overloading the servers' computing capacity, e-mail providers have defined size limits for sending attachments.


Beware of insecure file-sharing services

What to do if the file size exceeds the allowed maximum and compressing the files does not achieve the desired result? Many employees ask google in such situations: How can I send large files by email? Within a few clicks, you can quickly find many providers and tools for sending and sharing large files - many of which even offer their services for free. But what about data security and data protection? Is personal and confidential information really not accessible to unauthorised persons when transferred via file-sharing services? Are the files deleted from the servers of the file transfer services afterwards or do the files have to be removed manually from the cloud?


A study from 2016 showed that around half of all employees surveyed use private file sharing services, such as Dropbox or Google Drive, to exchange or store business information. Unauthorised file sharing is widespread and represents an effective security risk for companies.


LargeMail File Transfer: When things get a bit more extensive

LargeMail File Transfer can be perfectly integrated into the existing IT infrastructure and enables you to send files up to an attachment size of 1 GB conveniently from your existing e-mail programme. Optionally, you can protect the files with a password and send your e-mail incl. attachments encrypted and verifiable. In addition, LargeMail File Transfer has a practical self-cleaning option that reliably removes irrelevant metadata from the files. In this way, you prevent data - e.g. information about the author, creation date or even GPS data - from being unintentionally forwarded to third parties or stored for too long.


Stay flexible: Automatic or manual activation of the LargeMail function

You can configure RMail to automatically activate the LargeMail function when a certain file size is reached. Of course, you also have the option of activating the LargeMail function manually on a case-by-case basis by ticking the corresponding checkbox.


What makes RMail LargeMail File Transfer unique

There are numerous providers and tools for sending and sharing large files. To shed some light on this, we have compared the advantages of RMail LargeMail File Transfer with the most common providers of file sharing services:


However you use RMail LargeMail File Transfer, you will benefit from the clever additional functions for more efficiency and security in all your e-mail communication.
  RMail LargeMail File Transfer Other suppliers
Designed for any type of shipping without storage x
Automatic deletion of the files on the server after an individually defined period of time x
Easy sending directly from Outlook ✓ (only a few)
Optional automated selection of the transmission method (as normal e-mail or with file transfer link) x
Track download (Tracking)
Certified proof of the transmitted data x
Safe transmission
Encrypted transfer x
No registration necessary on the recipient side x (with exceptions)
No long-term storage in the cloud x
Data protection compliant with proof of compliance x

Frequently asked questions

Sending large files with RMail LargeMail File Transfer: you can send large files, such as videos or high-resolution images, conveniently and easily from your mailbox.

You can activate the LargeMail function by placing a tick in the corresponding checkbox in the RMail sending window. You can attach one or more files up to a total size of 1 GB.

With RMail LargeMail File Transfer you can send one or more documents with a total file size of 1 GB.

Your files can be accessed for 14 days, after which they are permanently deleted from the server. This default setting can be adjusted if necessary.

With RMail LargeMail File Transfer you can easily send files up to 1 GB from your existing mailbox. Unlike many other file sharing services, RMail's LargeMail feature guarantees that you can send your files securely and in compliance with data protection laws.

You can compress your attachments into a ZIP file to reduce the file size for sending e-mails. Unfortunately, compressing often does not produce the desired result, as the original files are often (e.g. mp3, jpeg or mpeg) already compressed. With RMail LargeMail File Transfer you can send large attachments up to 1 GB directly from your mailbox.

Most email providers have limited the attachment size for emailing to between 5 and 25 MB. With RMail LargeMail File Transfer, you can send files and documents up to 1 GB conveniently from your mailbox.

Sending a long video by e-mail often fails due to the defined size limits of the e-mail providers. With RMail LargeMail File Transfer you can easily send videos up to 1 GB in size from your existing mailbox.

ZIP files often cannot be formatted smaller because the original files are already compressed in certain formats (e.g. mp3, jpeg or mpeg). With RMail LargeMail File Transfer you can send files up to 1 GB comfortably and directly from your existing mailbox.

The size of a video often cannot be reduced because the file format mpeg already contains compressed files. Further reduction of the video size also minimises the original quality of the picture and sound.

For exchanging business information, files and documents, we recommend using RMail LargeMail File Transfer. This allows you to send documents and files up to 1 GB from your existing mailbox in a secure and data-protection-compliant manner.