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Protect highly sensitive information with RMail Redacted Reply™

Clever additional functions for more security and efficiency in your digital business communication

With RMail Redacted Replyyou can now protect particularly sensitive information even better: For example, prevent confidential information from being mistakenly forwarded to third parties in the heat of the moment or sensitive data such as passwords from being hoarded in the inbox. To protect such information even better, three clever features - SideNote® (Private marginal note), Disapearing Ink™ (one-time text) and text redaction - are at your disposal.

Discover the practical additional functions of RMail, your service for secure and verifiable email communication. Your employees will be thrilled with the new possibilities. We will be happy to advise you comprehensively and individually in a personal meeting.

Redacted Reply™ features at a glance

  • Add private SideNote® for supplementary information and work instructions
  • Send sensitive data with the one-time text function (Disapearing Ink™)
  • Reliably black out confidential information
 Protection of highly sensitive data | Frama
 Protection of highly sensitive data | Frama
 Protection of highly sensitive data | Frama

Adding Private SideNote® quickly and easily

Add private side notes to your email which, depending on the selection, are only readable by a specific group of recipients - An-, Cc and/or Bcc recipients. The confidential SideNote is clearly visible to the selected group of recipients as a yellow "Post-It" above the actual of the email and is ideal for efficiently communicating additional notes or work instructions.

 Protection of highly sensitive data | Frama

Disapearing Ink™ protects sensitive information particularly well

With the e-security function Disapearing Ink (one-time text), you define in advance who should have access to the information in the one-time text, how often and for how long. In this way, you prevent confidential text passages from being mistakenly disclosed to unauthorised third parties when answering or forwarding the email. Place a tick in the corresponding checkbox of the RMail sending options and compose the time-limited message in the text field to the right of it. You have 512 characters available for this. Then select the recipient group for the one-time text - To, Cc or Bcc - and send your message. The selected one-time text recipients will receive the same email as all other recipients, but with a note on the one-time text and a link to open it. In order to view the one-time text, the recipient must now confirm his or her email. After authentication, the one-time text is opened in the web browser. For particularly sensitive information, you also have the option of encrypting the one-time text separately. After the defined time period and number of accesses have expired, the link no longer works, the one-time text is permanently deleted and can no longer be restored.

Black out text passages safely

Another option to effectively protect confidential information is the possibility of text redaction. In order to view the redacted texts, the recipient must confirm his or her email address. If the message with the black out text passages is answered or forwarded, they disappear and are no longer part of the original message. The text passages black out by means of circumflexes are not displayed in the email and can only be read by clicking on the corresponding link and subsequently authenticating the email address in the web browser. In contrast to the one-time text function, the recipient group cannot be limited in the case of text redaction. How often and how long the redacted text can be viewed is defined in advance.

With RMail Redacted Reply you can offer your employees the opportunity to better protect confidential information and sensitive data, while streamlining workflows across departments and increasing the productivity of everyone involved in the process.


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Frequently asked questions

Sensitive information is defined in the EU General Data Protection Regulation. With the clever additional functions SideNotes, one-time text and text redaction, you protect sensitive data even better and optimise workflows and processes at the same time.

Disapearing Ink™ messages are self-deleting messages and, as the name suggests, can only be read once by the recipient and cannot be restored afterwards.

A SideNote is a private note that is only displayed to the CC or BCC recipient. This eliminates the need to send an additional email with explanations or comments intended only for CC or BCC recipients.

You can make personal or confidential data anonymous or unrecognisable using text redaction. With RMail you can easily black out certain text passages for a specific group of recipients.