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Track & Trace email: Traceability and registered receipt at the highest level

More secure than a postal registered letter and, thanks to proof of delivery, legally secure proof of compliance at all times

Despite progressing digitalisation, many companies still send important, sensitive and/or deadline-relevant documents to the recipient by registered letter. Registered letters, as they are only handed over against signature or delivery authorisation, still offer the highest level of traceability in court. However, in the event of a dispute, the postal tracking and tracing is often insufficient, as it does not reveal anything about the content of the registered letter. Other disadvantages of postal registered letter include rejection or non-collection of the item by the recipient. Valuable time is lost and, in the worst case, deadlines can no longer be met.

With RMail - our software solution for registered and verifiable e-mail communication - you send confidential and deadline-relevant information as registered and with the highest level of legal provability from your mailbox. Protect yourself against claims for damages in connection with the possible violation of data protection: We would be happy to advise you comprehensively and individually in a personal meeting.

All advantages at a glance

  • Highest legal evidential value in the event of a dispute
  • Documented delivery (time stamp, content... etc)
  • Auditable proof of compliance for personal data see DSGVO Art. 5 para. 1f, 2 as well as Art. 32 in particular para. 1a
  • Reconstruction of the original message by means of digital sealing (digital signature)
  • Automatic delivery of proof of delivery to the sender
  • Transaction data and contents are permanently deleted from the servers after issuing the proof of delivery (True Delivery Services)
  • Immediate delivery of the email to the intended recipient without delay
  • Detailed proof of encryption can be optionally implemented to demonstrate compliance with the GDPR (Art. 5, para. 2)

How to use the Track and Trace email feature with Frama RMail - Video

Registered email | Frama
Registered email | Frama

Registered Receipt™: Our proof of delivery is more than just a read receipt

Whether national or international, whether via Outlook, smartphone or tablet: transform your emails into electronic registered email with the highest legal probative value thanks to the patented and globally unique proof of delivery. Proof of delivery is a permanent, verifiable and self-contained record that combines all relevant data - email addresses involved, content sent, timestamp, encryption methodology, delivery data and server log files - as well as containing an encrypted and digitally signed (sealed) version of your original message. This allows you to reproduce the original message as well as all transmission data from sending to delivery and demonstrate compliance with GDPR compliance Art. 5(2) throughout the entire sending process in a legally secure manner. The recovery or reconstruction is tamper-proof due to a key hierarchy.

Proof of delivery in detail

The proof of delivery, the heart of RMail, represents a complete receipt of delivery and is automatically sent to the sender or, if desired, archived centrally at the sender's premises. The proof of delivery contains all the information needed to reconstruct the delivery, the content, the respective time details and the compliance in a legally secure manner.

HTML Receipt

The attachment "HTML Receipt", the actual receipt of RMail, consists of the original email incl. all attachments in encrypted and digitally signed form, the facts of delivery (audit trail), the proof of delivery, the digital fingerprints and the respective time information. All information is digitally signed and tamper-proof.


Should a dispute arise in the course of which information sent by email plays a role or compliance with the data protection guidelines is questioned, the facts of delivery can be restored. The sender can send the tamper-proof proof of delivery to the other party at any time to prove the confidentiality, authenticity and integrity of the email and compliance.

Send status

The delivery status includes proof of delivery, time stamp and opening of the email.

Audit Trail

RMail records the track & trace information of the email in the audit trail. This contains the server dialogues as well as other transmission data and thus the verifiable course of the delivery.

Send registered emails: Simple and legally secure

Your registered email can be opened and read by the recipient like a normal email.

  • No prior technical knowledge is required,
  • nor is registration or additional software installation on the part of the recipient necessary.

You can send the registered email either encrypted and marked with a banner or unencrypted and unmarked for the recipient, but with the track & trace function activated. After successful delivery of the email, you automatically receive the proof of delivery, which contains all relevant information - email addresses involved, time stamp, encryption method, delivery data and the server log files - on the email dispatch as well as an encrypted and digitally signed copy of the original message. This is a true delivery service, where the sender has full control over the information sent. This is because, as soon as the proof of delivery has been created in a tamper-proof manner and delivered to the sender, all data on all servers involved is deleted without exception.

Compliance Record: Proof of encryption in combination with proof of delivery

The proof of encryption is the ideal complement (optionally available) to the proof of delivery to demonstrate compliance (in accordance with Article 5, paragraph 2 of the General Data Protection Regulation) and to prove the seamless end-to-end encryption of an email. This contains detailed information about encryption methods and levels along the entire transmission path from sender to recipient. The encryption record is the preferred solution for data protection officers and CIOs, it is used by many organisations and companies as a compliance record and is recognised by data protection organisations and in court as proof of Art. 5 §2 DSGVO.

Whenever emails need to be verifiably received by the recipient, be it to meet deadlines or to send sensitive information: With our solution for registered and verifiable email communication, you can easily send confidential and/or deadline-relevant messages with just two clicks from your existing email programme - legally compliant and with the highest legal evidential value.

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Frequently asked questions

Track and Trace emails are verifiable, legally binding and data protection-compliant registered letters that you send by email: Documented dispatch with the highest legal evidential value thanks to unique and patented proof of delivery.

With our patented proof of delivery, you can prove that an email has arrived, when it was opened and what its content was. Regular email services only include a read receipt which, unlike RMail, is not tamper-proof and is not activated for every user.

An email is considered to have been delivered when it has been delivered within the recipient's "power range". That is, when it has arrived in the email inbox. This can only be proven in court with the proof of delivery from RMail.

The delivery of an email always can be used as evidence in court if the sender can technically provide complete documentation of the delivery. With RMail's proof of delivery, this is fulfilled in a court of law and can be used as evidence in the event of a dispute.

With a registered email, you receive a receipt for delivery, just like with a registered letter. However, with RMail, this receipt is stored digitally. In addition, this proof of delivery contains a digitally signed and encrypted version of your original email. This allows you to later authenticate the integrity and originality of the entire transaction. This allows you to prove the content of your message including the email addresses involved. RMails are emails with high probative value when it comes to who said what to whom and when. In addition, you save costs with every RMail message you send compared to sending it by post.

Many users have deactivated this function. At the same time, you cannot prove what was in your original message. Outlook confirmations ("Delivered" and "Read") can be manipulated. RMail's proof of delivery cannot be manipulated and contains an encrypted version of the original content.

You will first receive a confirmation that your message is on its way to the recipient. Within 2 hours you will receive a receipt (proof of delivery) that proves where and when your email was delivered to the recipient. If the recipient has opened the email before you receive the receipt, this is also an evidence.

When you send an RMail message, you automatically receive a proof of delivery, which documents the delivery route of the email to the recipient. This proof also contains an embedded version of your original message including attachments. This means you can always prove who sent what, when and to whom.

Yes, RMail creates a subfolder in your email archive for proofs of delivery.

No, the content and attachments of your messages are embedded in the proofs of delivery located in your local email archive.

Yes, you can forward the receipt (proof of delivery) to your recipient for this purpose. He or she can restore the original content and check it for authenticity by forwarding it to verify@r1.rpost.net (the address is noted in the receipt).

Yes, RMail allows your recipients to reply with a registered email as well. With a single click, you enable your recipient to reply to your email by registered mail. Without using licences, certificates etc.