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R1 platform: 360-degree security for your digital business communication

Your service for encrypted email communication, verifiable compliance, electronic signature and digital workflows

Discover our software solutions for encrypted and privacy-compliant emailing, e-signatures, e-forms and much more. Bring more quality, efficiency and transparency to your digital business communication by automating security and compliance requirements for emailing, digitising contract and approval processes and easily optimising communication and document workflows.

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RMail - Product Suite | Frama

Protect your email communication with RMail, your software solution for sending encrypted, data protection-compliant and legally verifiable emails easily and quickly.

RSign - Product Suite | Frama

Optimise your contract and approval processes with RSign, your online platform for legally valid electronic signatures and digital signatures.

RMSG - Product Suite | Frama

Be on the safe side and automate the sending of encrypted emails (TLS and E2E) and other security-relevant settings based on filter rules.

Software solutions individually tailored to your needs

R1 Platform - Software solutions | Frama

Whether automated email encryption and compliance, digital contract and approval processes or efficient document workflows, we support you in implementing your digitisation strategy with customised software solutions. Benefit from clever features, an appealing user interface, simple operation and individual setting options.

Whatever your individual needs are, we have the right solution for your company! We would be happy to present our services for comprehensive email security, digital contract management and automated document workflows to you during a personal consultation.