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Frama Matrix F Series

Each franking machine of the Matrix F series range can be operated exclusively by touchscreen. Compare!

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Matrix F12 Franking Machine | Frama
  • Recommended for up to 50 letters a day
  • Letter thickness up to 10 mm
  • 18 OneTouch functions (quick access)
Matrix F22 Matrix-Frankiermaschine | Frama
  • Recommended for up to 150 letters/day
  • 25 letters per minute
  • 10 password protected accounts
Matrix F32 Franking Machine | Frama
  • Recommended for up to 200 letters/day
  • 50 letters per minute
  • 30 OneTouch functions (quick access)
Matrix F42 Franking Machine | Frama
  • Recommended for up to 300 letters/day
  • 65 letters per minute
  • 30 OneTouch functions (quick access)
Matrix F62 Franking Machine | Frama
  • Recommended for up to 500 letters/day
  • 95 letters per minute
  • Automatic letter feeder
Matrix F82 Franking Machine | Frama
  • Recommended for up to 1.000 letters/day
  • 140 letters per minute
  • Automatic letter feeder

Matrix F Series franking machines for franking of mail

Matrix 42 Franking Machine | Frama

The Matrix F series make your mail processing highly efficient, convenient and simple.

Franking with OneTouch: Touch – Frank

Matrix F12/F32/F42 Franking Machines with OneTouch | Frama

Matrix F series: the franking machine generation for a wide range of applications. Each franking machine is optimized for its particular area of use and your volume of mail.

All Matrix F series devices are operated exclusively with a touchscreen: quick, simple determination of the correct postage rate without rate tables, codes, or instruction manuals!

FramaOnline2: Always Up-To-Date

Franking Machine - Interface LAN | Frama

FramaOnline2 guarantees the secure, efficient updating of all aspects of your Frama franking machine. Software updates, new postage rates and structures – stay on top of things.

FramaOnline2 is IT Grundschutz ISO 27001 certified.

A franking machine is a machine that supports you in the daily management of your outgoing mail. We offer solutions for professional mail processing from small, medium to large letter volumes either for purchase or at favourable leasing conditions.

A franking machine franks mail items of all types, such as letters, registered mail, postcards, advertising mail, etc. With franking machines you frank envelopes easily and quickly.

Operating a franking machine is relatively easy: Simply start the franking machine and select the desired postage value or dispatch type using the function keys. You then feed your letters in on one side and they come out prepaid on the other. The postage value printed is deducted directly from the machine's postage credit. Additional postage credit can be topped up easily and at any time via a high-speed LAN connection.

Electronic letter scales use the current post office postage rate table to automatically determine the correct postage value for the letter(s) placed on the scales and transmit this to the franking machine. Your letter items are thus always franked to the cent: Overfranking and underfranking are minimized, and returns and refused acceptance are virtually eliminated.

At Frama AG, you have a large selection of franking machines for every need. Here are the advantages of a franking machine at a glance.

This is different in every country. The franking machine ensures that your mail is always correctly and automatically franked. With an internet connection, you can charge franking credits and the built-in scale calculates the rate after which you can simply stamp the envelope.