16.12.2021 | General

Log4j information

In the IT security world, there’ve been a lot of sleepless nights recently due to a newly discovered ...

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Frama News - Medienmitteilung DSGVO

01.09.2020 |

World Letter Wiriting Day 2020

When was the last time you wrote a handwritten letter? Without wanting to insinuate anything, we ...

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Frama Schools und Partnerschaft mit der FareShare

06.05.2020 | Compliance

Xerox Add First-of-a-Kind Scan-Encrypt-Send Button into Multifunction Printers

Xerox provides Email Privacy into the Scan-to-Email Process for Multifunction Printers built on ...

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Xerox RMail App

25.02.2020 |

The history of postage stamp (Part 3)

The worldwide volume of mail is steadily decreasing. Digitalisation is clearly becoming a major ...

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imnudoo Logo

12.02.2020 |

The history of postage stamps (Part 2)

Several billion stamps are consumed worldwide every year. But who prints them? There are also ...

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Wilde Anordnung von Umschlägen mit verschiedenen Briefmarken darauf.

04.02.2020 |

The history of postage stamps (Part 1)

Today, most people send a letter infrequently or only for important matters. But when a letter is ...

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Erste Briefmarke: Die One Penny Black

30.05.2018 | General


Bern, 30. Mai 2018 – Die neue Datenschutz-Grundverordnung (DSGVO) der Europäischen Union betrifft ...

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Frama News - Medienmitteilung DSGVO

11.04.2018 | Compliance


The "Initiative Mittelstand" honours the "INNOVATION AWARD IT 2018" to very innovative IT solutions ...

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Bewertungen RMail

18.01.2018 |

Postal Approval for Matrix Franking Systems in Hungary

In successful collaboration with our official representative Delfin Rendszerház Kft in Budapest, we ...

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11.01.2018 | General

Frama at the KMU SWISS "StammTreff"

The next "StammTreff" of KMU SWISS will focus on solutions for digital communication and data ...

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Lösungen digitale Kommunikation und Datenschutz

10.01.2018 | Compliance

New Website for Digital Services!

As a result of the Frama Group's continued specialization in physical and digital communications, a ...

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17.10.2017 | Compliance

Frama e-communications at LawBizTech London

Frama e-communications will be participating at LawBizTech Conference in London and discussing ...

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Frama e-communications at LawBizTech Conference

29.09.2017 |

New Sales Partner in Spain

Since the end of September 2017, Mailing Systems S. L. L., based in Spain, has been one of our sales ...

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Frama Partner Spanien Madrid

19.09.2017 | Compliance

Softshell Vendor Report 2017: Top Rating for Frama

Frama reaches an excellent positioning with a peak value of 9.41 in the Softshell Vendor Report ...

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Frama RMail Services Bewertung Vendor Report

01.09.2017 | General

Movement of subsidiary Frama Suisse AG

The subsidiary Frama Suisse AG moved to Lupfig on 1 September 2017.

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Frama Suisse AG Lupfig

10.08.2017 | Compliance

Report Data Protection (FACTS Magazine)

What means the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for companies? Find out more in the FACTS ...

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25.07.2017 | General

Repeated success at the ICTSkills Competition

Our trainee in computer science, Philip Stoop, took part in this year’s competition of the Swiss ICT ...

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27.01.2017 |

Frama wins tender at Vietnam Posts

Frama has been successful in winning in collaboration with Gigapixel Ltd., its business partner for ...

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Frankiermaschine Matrix F82

24.10.2016 | General

Great success at the ICTSkills competition

We congratulate Philip Stoop to a successful participation at the ICTSkills 2016.

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16.06.2016 | General

Rebranding Frama Group

Frama launched a global rebrand.

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Neuer Auftritt Frama Gruppe

02.05.2016 | General

Philipp Stoop a success at the Swiss Skills Competition

Philipp Stoop, trainee in computer science with a specialization in systems engineering, has ...

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01.01.2016 | Allgemein

New subsidiary in France

The Frama Group is happy to welcome a new subsidiary: Frama France SAS.

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Neue Tochtergesellschaft Frankreich

05.10.2015 | Compliance

Product introduction for e-communications: RMail

Frama is going a step further, bringing the strengths of written communications (such as letters and ...

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01.10.2015 |

Frama launches important security update for Matrix F series

Frama has launched an important firmware update to its Matrix F series of franking systems recently. ...

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Highlight F32 Matrix OneTouch

01.09.2015 |

Frama Matrix F12 and Matrix F22 qualify for ENERGY STAR®

The Matrix F12 and Matrix F22 franking systems have been qualified to the ENERGY STAR guidelines.

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Frama Matrix F12

12.01.2015 | General

Frama’s 45th anniversary

Frama celebrates its 45th anniversary.

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Frama Building

01.04.2014 |

Top ranking of Matrix F82

The German magazine FACTS has carried out tests on the Matrix F82 and has awarded the franking ...

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20.01.2014 |

Frama receives Royal Mail approval for the new Mailmark™ technology

Frama UK is the first franking machine manufacturer to receive approval for a full range of new ...

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01.12.2013 |

Best rating of Matrix F32 and Matrix F42

The German magazine FACTS has carried out tests on the Matrix F32 and Matrix F42 and has awarded ...

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