Rebranding Frama Group

Interview with Thomas P. Haug, CEO and owner, in light of the evolution branding of the Frama Group:

Which substantial changes for the Frama Group do you expect in the years to come?

Thomas P. Haug: The market is developing dynamically. Physical and digital mail and communication show highly integrated patterns and trends. E-Commerce produces a significant growth of parcel volumes. Only this fact generates new and diversified requirements in the overall process. Needs for efficiency, ease of integration and convenience increase rapidly.

The physical letter volume declined of the last years. Substitution and process integration of digital media are two key reasons. Sender and recipient therefore have new and diversified needs. The reliable quality of letter remains undisputed. Profiled addressing, content integrity and remarkable delivery service, legal acceptance represent future key elements of the physical mailstream. Without any doubt physical mail volume and structure will continuously adapt to the ever changing requirements.

Overall the importance of digital communication will further grow. Difficult to neglect, now and in the future.

Why is the branding changed right now?

Thomas P. Haug: Frama is in a phase of transformation. Our product and solution offering are largely extended. Beside the traditional mail handling and franking services we are at the door step to launch shortly complementary parcel and qualified digital communication solutions. Altogether a substantial enrichment of the entire market portfolio. Sustainable, modern and future minded. From this perspective obvious that the market approach, the brand message and communication and therefore the visual appearance are addressed and mirrored comprehensively and transparently.

What for stands the brand claim “mail. message. managed.”?

Thomas P. Haug: “mail” stands for letter and parcels in all kind. The smallest parcel is the letter. “message” represents the digital communication. “managed” clearly for all the offering under one roof, from one source, secure, manipulation resistant, confidential, process driven with high degree of integration, conveniently accessible and largely available. A simple summary of our sphere of activities and core competences.

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