Great success at the ICTSkills competition

We congratulate Philip Stoop to a successful participation at the ICTSkills 2016.

Philipp, our trainee in computer science with a specialty in system engineering, enjoyed great success at the regional competition. The 2nd place in the Canton of Bern and the 5th place in Switzerland qualified him for the national championships – the ICTSkills.   

The finals of the ICTSkills competition took place in the central station of Zurich. Philipp achieved a fantastic 11th place in a strong field of 28 competitors.

The national championships were hosted in the fields of application-development, webdesign, network and system engineering and mediamatics. It was a three day event in the very heart of Zurich. In total there were 93 computer scientists and mediamatics technicians competing. Over 20 companies of the ICT industry showcased their latest developments at the event. It was a spectacular experience for people of all ages.

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