New Website for Digital Services!

As a result of the Frama Group's continued specialization in physical and digital communications, a new website for digital services was launched as part of the e-communications Services brand. It is available at www.frama-rmail.com. Detailed product descriptions, support information, the e-communications blog, shop and information about the e-communications department are just a few highlights of the new site.

Existing and forthcoming data protection laws (DSGVO, GDPR, POPI) directly affect the process of digitisation and the protection of personal data in many companies. As a result of this development, the safe handling of such data is becoming increasingly important not only for operators and customers, but also for the legislator. With its e-communications services, Frama offers optimal solutions to comply with and document the legal requirements for the protection of personal data during transmission by email. The services are complemented by solutions for e-substitution, e. g. the secure dispatch of payrolls by email.

The RMail Plugin, which is available for various email clients and as a web app, enables the sending of encrypted and verifiable emails from existing email addresses and does not require any further installation of software or account registrations on the recipients end. This ensures the highest level of acceptance not only for senders but also for recipients.

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