World Letter Wiriting Day 2020

When was the last time you wrote a handwritten letter? Without wanting to insinuate anything, we claim that it was probably a while ago. Therefore today, September 1st, is World Letter Writing Day. For once, take a pen and paper instead of a keyboard and computer monitor.

How did the World Letter Writing Day begin?

The Australian author, artist and photographer Richard Simpkin is a true fan of handwritten letters. A look at the making of his book "Australian Legends", which he published in 2005, shows this for example.

His aim was to do interviews and photographs of his "Legends". These are famous Australian personalities he wanted to meet. To get in touch with them, he wrote handwritten letters to his legends in the late 90s. The replies in his mailbox gave him great pleasure, although not all of them were written by hand. When he later published his book in 2005, he looked back and reflected that everything started with these letters.

To honour the handwritten letter and for a short pause in the digital age, he created the World Letter Writing Day in 2014.

The handwritten letter today

Admittedly, one hardly sees handwritten letters in the business environment today. However, in private life atr still many followers of handwritten letters, although the trend is declining.

The handwritten letters are something personal, they show the character through the individual handwriting of the author and the choice of paper. Never underestimate the effect that a handwritten letter can have on the recipient!

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