Frama RMail for secure email communication

Frama RMail provides compliance and convenience functions for Microsoft Outlook and Google Gmail as an add-in and enhances your internal company processes with useful features. RMail also provides functions for compliance with the GDPR, in particular Article 5 and Article 32. The proof of delivery is used by many organisations and companies as a compliance record and is recognised by data protection organisations as proof of Art. 5 §2 GDPR.

Email tracking and verification

More than just a read receipt. The heart of Frama RMail is the auditable proof of delivery. All relevant data for the respective email are summarise (e.g. server log files, delivery status, IP addresses & original message) and presented in human readable form. The data is collected on our servers until the proof of delivery has been created in a tamper-proof manner. After that, the data is deleted from the server. The proof can be verified at any time to recover the facts and original message.

E-Mail Verschlüsselung

Email encryption

One of the most important features is email encryption. This is possible with only 2 additional mouse clicks in your email programme. The conscious and careful handling of personal data is not only particularly important, but has also been required by law for several years (GDPR). Encryption takes preferably place via TLS 1.2, whereby the continuous encryption is logged in the proof of delivery. Fallback, or alternative, is a PDF wrapper that is secured with AES-256 bit.

For the user, the whole thing is much simpler than it sounds. Developed for typical end users, the service provides logged encryption, no registration for the recipient, no web portals to retrieve messages.

RMail Recommends

RMail Recommends

The new feature RMail Recommends™ enhances the existing functionality of RMail with an automated recommendation option. For example, an email contains personally identifiable information. When the sender sends the message, a small pop-up window appears that "recommends" sending the email using the RMail encryption service.

The RMail Recommends™ service technology acts at the point of sending. It automatically highlights that the message should or must be encrypted, tracked for delivery, or sent for electronic signature.

Thanks to this feature, compliance is automatically enforced, and integrated user training is enabled.


Electronic Signatures as e-paper, with placeholders or simply by email

Frama RMail gives you the possibility to use electronic signatures for your emails and attachments. Contracts are signed in the order of the recipients as well as signed with an advanced eIDAS certificate and thus digitally sealed. No prior knowledge is required to use the electronic signature. All relevant data for the electronic signature are summarised in a signature protocol, which is part of every transaction. For experts: With our API, we also enable the automation of processes. A browser-based solution for electronic signatures is RSign - the online platform for signatures and process digitalisation.


Grosse Anhänge via E-Mail versenden

Send large files

Send large files up to 1 GB via email. Many email providers can process attachments with a maximum of 7-10 MB in the outbox or inbox. With RMail, larger attachments can be added directly in your email programme; without having to rely on a 3rd party service! The recipient receives a download link that is valid for 14 days by default. After that, the data is removed from the server.


Lösungen und Plattformen, API und mehr


RMail is available on various platforms. In any case, you keep your email address and your email programme and the familiar inbox. RMail is an extension that can be used for your important emails, messages and business documents when needed. You are in control.

  • Microsoft Outlook Add-In
  • Gmail
  • Web App
  • API

Further Information

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