Electronic signatures - simple and secure

Optimise your workflows and processes with Frama RSign™, the online platform for electronic signatures based on digitised workflows. Including templates, rules, document management and automation. Electronic signatures are child's play!

RSign E-Sign Workflow


With clear focus on simplicity, Frama RSign lets you prepare and send documents for electronic signature within seconds. The management view provides real time access to all statistics and provides in-views about your documents during signature process. Prepare documents by drag-and-drop and save and share them in the team. Assign different roles to signatories and obtain multi-party signatures.

Vorlagen, Templates für elektronische Unterschriften


Create templates for your frequently used documents. Add roles, terms and conditions, email body, document fields and much more to create a document dedicated workflow. Templates can be used multiple times and shared within the team or with individuals. Save settings, roles, timeframes, etc.


Document Management und Tracking

Tracking and documentation

Use the integrated tracking and reporting feature of Frama RSign to stay ahead. Know exactly what is happening with your documets. Be aware when documents time out. Receive real-time information when signers sign or refuse to sign.


API und Automation für E-Sign

API and automation

Each feature and element of your documents can be fully automated with Frama RSign's APIs giving you an all-in-one solution for your workflow requirements.


Lösungen und Plattformen, API und mehr


RSign can be used in a variety of ways. One of the highlights is 100% controllability of all functions via API.  Hybrid solutions are also available.

  • Web-App
  • Hybrid solution (App & API)
  • API

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