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System Solutions for ePostage & Digital Stamps

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Go digital: serema OEM

Reduce your stamp distribution costs and provide more smart services to your customers and consumers

serema OEM is a web service which provides digital stamps in an easy, cost-efficient and customer-friendly way. We have added further smart services to pack it up as an always-on solution for home workers, small businesses and low volume “frankers”.

All-in-one-solution with multiples features and further services

serema OEM combines modern and innovative solutions for written business communication and is the ideal platform for companies to support their home workers and smaller branches, for distributors to add a smart, digital service with recurring revenues to their portfolio and for Posts which want to add digital stamps and ePostage solutions for letters and parcels to their service portfolio. serema OEM has three functional areas:


serema mail

  • ePostage handling (top-ups, pre-payments, petty cash management)
  • Creation of digital stamps
  • Track and trace for added value postal services
  • One-click franking via favourites (most used values)

serema message

  • Registered Email™ services combined with one-click encryption
  • Active tracking for sensitive emails
  • Electronic signature solutions for PDFs and all Microsoft 365 and Office document types
  • Human Error AI infused alerts

serema managed

  • Reports for ePostage and digital stamps
  • Administrator reports (for multi-user accounts)
  • Shop
  • License management

serema OEM for posts

Printing and distributing of stamps are rather expensive. Why not add a digital alternative to your existing portfolio? Digital stamps can be distributed to a fraction of the costs of normal stamps and tariff updates can be implemented immediately. Since each stamp can be clearly identified, stamp fraudsters no longer stand a chance.

serema OEM can be customised with your postal brand. This allows you to provide a seamless experience to your customers and consumers. Combined with pay-as-you-go solutions, serema OEM becomes your stamp distribution point on the Internet.

You may further add Registered Email™ services and services for electronic signatures to enhance your digital portfolio providing more digital and feature-rich solutions for your market.

serema OEM for distributors

serema OEM is just one of our solutions to respond on market developments and digitalisation. In the last years, economies have seen many changes in worker’s environments and company departments. The mailroom has become less important in some companies: as people are working from home, daily mail cannot be sent from the post room anymore.

With serema OEM, we give distributors the opportunity to equip your customers with smarter hybrid solutions. Hybrid teams require hybrid tools to fulfil their objectives and tasks. Distributors are now able to provide mail processing hardware combined with the serema OEM mail processing service. 

As with OEM solutions, serema can be fully branded to meet your brand kit. You can personalize your stamps, place ads or print your company logo on it. Speak to us to find out more and to book a demonstration.