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TM2100 Secure Stamping

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Tax Meter TM2100

Secure stamping of fiscal and tax documents

The Tax Meter 2100 is the ideal solution for the comfortable, efficient and secure stamping of fiscal and tax documents with the correct values.

Advantages at a glance

  • Large touchscreen comfortably guides the user through the various working steps and meter functions.
  • User-programmable OneTouch keys allow the selection of the most frequently needed values at the touch of a button.
  • Photocells on the large feed table detect the correct positioning of the documents ensuring a perfect positioning of all prints on the forms.
  • Thermo-print technology ensures smear-free stamping in red, red-fluorescent, blue or in a two-tone mixture of blue and fluorescent.
  • Automatic date and time change function.
  • Pin-code protected user / departmental accounts.
  • Multiple storing of all relevant fiscal data in a special tamper-proof meter security card.

Features Tax Meter TM2100

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Tax Meter Systems - Counter Loading | Frama
Tax Meter Systems - Web Loading | Frama
Tax Meter Systems - Frama Online 2 System | Frama
Tax Meter Systems - Counter Loading | Frama

Counter Loading

Manual management of money by authorised personnel using digitally signed codes in a loading box. This process is password protected. Counter loading works autonomously without a data centre and thus does not have access to the remote functionality of other expansion levels.

Tax Meter Systems - Web Loading | Frama

Frama Web Loading

Loading of money using a specially secured web platform. The release of new funds is carried out with prior review of the counter status (remote inspection) only in the data centre.

Tax Meter Systems - Frama Online 2 System | Frama

FramaOnline2 System

Management of the flow of funds through integrated processes and integration of the Tax Meter TM2100 into the data centre using TCP/IP. With this, all security functions for direct management of the flow of funds, remote inspection and remote control are available.

With its Tax Meter TM2100, Frama offers a clever solution which can easily scale to meet a wide range of requirements and can be expanded at any time.

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