EcoMail Franking Machine

Easy to use

Underline your professionalism in the way you manage your post! Right from the start, an EcoMail franking machine gives you the same benefits high volume postal users enjoy, including the easy changing of advertising messages and remote uploading of postal credit. EcoMail franking machines are so easy to use. Access every function or any postal value with the touch of a finger.

Advantages at a glance

  • Up to 2000 frankings per hour
  • Letter thicknesses up to 6 mm
  • 9 programmable fixed values
  • Resettable and nonresettable value and item counters
  • Up to 8 advertising clichés in memory
  • Automatic date-change
  • High-value blocking
  • Automatic tariff calculation
  • Interface for S weighing platforms.

Advantages and Features

Check out the advantages and features of the EcoMail franking machine in the gallery down below.

Advertising Messages

  • High-quality ink-jet technology transfers postal data and advertising messages to paper precisely, sharp and smear-free.
  • And variable two-dimensional data matrix barcodes too benefit from the high print quality.


  • ComTouch™. One touch. One finger.
  • That’s all you need to perform the most important franking functions.
  • Menu-guided through every step of the franking process. That’s System Intelligence – made by Frama.

Fitting Scale

  • Simply place your letter on the scale, select the postal product and your Frama EcoMail franking machine automatically selects the correct postage by continually obtaining the latest rates from the FramaOnline2 data centre.

Product Highlights

Touch it!

The exclusive Frama ComTouch™ springs to life, immediately displays every function you need and guides you through the entire franking process step by menuguided step. That’s System Intelligence – made by Frama.

Frankiermaschinen ¦ Frama

Save with it!

The recharge - able ink-ribbon cassette EcoFill is another Frama exclusive that is environmentfriendly and saves money too. And to change the inkribbon is child’s play!