Solutions for efficient Mail Processing

    Franking Machines and Letter Openers

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    Solutions for verifiable and data protection compliant digital communication

    Email, Electronic Signature and Document Automation

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    Solutions for Protection and Management of sensitive Data

    Postage accounting, statistics and certified data center

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Mail Handling

Franking and opening: Solution overview

Digital Franking Machines and electric Letter Openers


Digital Services: E-Mail, e-Sign and e-Docs

Send registered emails with encryption, e-Signature and more features (including track and trace).

Support & Services

User manuals and other support services

Franking Machine User Manual

Franking Machines and electric Letter Openers

Convenient, easily accessible and process driven solutions for written communication create added value for our customers and support their communication.

Innovation and Customer Focus

Manufactured in Switzerland, satisfied customers all over the world: Frama supports your written communication with trend-setting technology. For instance, Frama developed the first franking machine to feature integrated rate calculation and was the first supplier to introduce touchscreen control.

Frama is also setting trends for incoming mail. Opening envelopes without waste cuttings is just one of the highlights of Frama’s letter opener. Frama’s customers value these innovations.

The company's own data center, certified according to ISO27001 based on BSI Grundschutz, is the core of the technology, functionality, and services portfolios made available to each market tailored to customer specific requirements.



Digital Services for Communication and e-Sign

Integrated communication is our mission. Our goal: Added value and communication security, no matter which content and channel. Integrity in communication differentiates our proposition from the competition.

Compliance and Integrity

e-communications: Digital solutions for e-signature, encryption, file sharing and verifiable e-mail communication with proof of delivery and compliance record according the guidelines of GDPR (in particular Article 5, Paragraphs 1f and 2, as well as Article 32, Paragraph 1a).

Easiest operation and integration is the focus of every solution, which offers highest recipient acceptance. No downloads or installations are needed to receive encrypted emails on any email client.


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Blog Digital Communication

Learn more about the latest trends, news and facts about digital communication on our e-communications blog.

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15.06.2018 | Category: Security

The Future of E-Mail – Some Thoughts and an Outlook

Electronic Mail, invented in the last century, has still its place in today’s business and private world. But one thing is for sure – E-Mail urgently requires an update in terms of functionality, compliance and security.

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Frama Worldwide

Acting globally – anchored locally. Specialized business partners, country representatives, and subsidiaries support customers in 50 countries all over the world.

More than 300 Frama employees function as points of contact for effective, efficient processes in qualified digital and written customer communication.

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