Company profile

Integrated communication is our mission. Convenient, easy accessible and process driven mail and parcel solutions create added value for our customers. Likewise confidential, important and sensitive emails with proof of delivery and content. Our goal: Added value and communication security, no matter which content and channel. Integrity in communication differentiates our proposition from the competition.

Thomas Haug

Frama provides first-class communication solutions. Letter, parcel, e-mail. Integrated, convenient and of outstanding integrity. Past, present and future.

Thomas P. Haug

CEO and Owner

For more than 45 years, we have specialized in the development and manufacture of mail processing and data management systems. Because all our products and solutions and most of our parts and tools are produced at our headquarters in Lauperswil, they win over customers with their Swiss quality, which is known and valued around the world.

With FramaOnline2, we manage more than 250 million transactions every year and clear over 400 million euros in secured cash flows.

Always in front

Frama is characterized by its advantage resulting from innovation. We were the first company in the world to launch a postage meter system with automatic date change or with integrated touchscreen. Frama’s customers appreciate these innovations. Our concentration on the essentials of system operation guarantees ease of use and great efficiency in everyday application.

Complete range of solutions

In 2015, Frama went a step further, bringing the strengths of written communications (letters and faxes) – traceability and validity as evidence in court – to the digital universe. This makes us the solution provider for all aspects of local and international written business communication when efficiency, integrity, and innovation is what counts.

Made in Switzerland – used all over the world

We export around 90% of our products and services from our headquarters in Lauperswil to more than 50 different countries. Some 100,000 customers all over the world receive support from our ten subsidiaries and about 40 specialized business partners. Among our customers are private companies, service organizations, postal authorities and service providers, taxation and finance agencies, and government organizations.

Certified Swiss quality

All products and services comply with international standards. The proof of this is the certificates whose granting is verified in regular audits by independent testing institutions.

We are also constantly improving the environmental performance of our products and processes. Frama AG pursues the goal of developing solutions that combine efficiency, high quality, and optimum environmental compatibility. For instance, all the electricity used in the Frama AG Data Center in Lauperswil is generated by water power.

Facts and figures

Headquarters Frama Group: Frama AG, 3438 Lauperswil, Switzerland
Establishment: 1970
Offer (Products and Services): Mail processing systems, billing systems, Tax Meters, tariff management, billing, data capturing and verification, e-communications: RMail (Registered Email, OneClick Encryption, e-Sign Solutions)
Employees Frama AG: 100
Employees Frama Group: 300
Export share: Over 85%
Presence: 10 subsidiaries and more than 40 business partners around the world
Invoices / year over in-house Data Center: More than 250 million strokes / € 400 million volume
Customers worldwide: Over 100,000
Certificates: ISO 9001: Quality Management System
  ISO 27001: Information Security Management System (ISMS) based on IT-Grundschutz
  FIPS 140-2: Security Requirements for Cryptographic Modules