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RMail®: The fastest and easiest solution for secure email communication in companies

Comprehensive protection of your sensitive and personal data thanks to state-of-the-art encryption technology - legally compliant, proofable, auditable and data protection-compliant

Especially when dealing with sensitive and personal data - whether internal or external - it is important that companies comply with modern data protection laws such as DSGVO, NDSG or HIPAA and protect their B2C and B2B communication accordingly. Especially in digital business communication, security is of great importance, because over 90% of all cyber attacks start with an email. Protect your company, your employees, partners and customers from threats from the web and send confidential information such as personal data, business secrets, bank details, etc. encrypted and, above all, in compliance with data protection laws.

However, RMail can do much more: In addition to tools for comprehensive email security, email track and trace, encrypted email and electronic signature, RMail offers innovative additional functions - such as LargeMail (sending large files up to 1 GB), one-time text function, automatic PDF conversion and much more. - for more efficiency and security in your daily e-mail communication.

RMail highlights at a glance

  • One-Click-Encryption: email encryption with just one click, no complicated key exchange, central rule management by IT service (optional)
  • Registered Receipt®: Proof of delivery with compliance record, tamper-proof and auditable
  • Cyber-Security: Active Tracking and Anti-Whaling to protect your employees from cyber crime and phishing attacks
  • RMail Recommends™: Automated recommendations for action to comply with data protection guidelines, based on filter rules
  • RMail Security Gateway Harmony™: Automated compliance, encryption level with proof of delivery, data protection compliant and audit-proof

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RMail is a cost-effective solution for comprehensive email security and is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises as well as for large companies or holdings. User-friendly design, intuitive operation and high recipient acceptance are further advantages of RMail.

E-Mail Track and Trace - RMail | Frama
Encrypted email - RMail | Frama
Encrypted email notification - RMail | Frama
RMail | Frama
E-Mail Track and Trace - RMail | Frama

Email track & trace with verifiable and audit-proof receipt of delivery

In the proof of delivery (protected against manipulation), all relevant data on the respective email correspondence (e.g. server log files, delivery status, IP addresses, original message, etc.) are summarised. This can be verified and authenticated at any time to reconstruct the sending process and restore the original message. After successful delivery of the proof of delivery to the sender, all data is deleted from the server. As an ideal supplement to the proof of delivery, we recommend implementing the encryption proof (optionally available). This gives you even more security when it comes to the secure sending of sensitive data and compliance with data protection regulations in accordance with DSGVO Art. 5, Para. 2.

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Encrypted email - RMail | Frama

Email encryption made easy: TLS 1.2 or E2E

With just two mouse clicks you can send encrypted emails directly from your existing email programme. Neither a complicated key exchange nor the installation of additional software is necessary. Your encrypted email can be opened, read and even answered in encrypted form (SecureReply) by any recipient. RMail supports TLS 1.2 (opportunistic and forced) as well as real E2E encryption (AES 256bit) from sender to recipient.

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Encrypted email notification - RMail | Frama

Closing security gaps thanks to automated compliance

You can also automate compliance by routing all your outbound email correspondence through the RMail Security Gateway HarmonyTM and automatically sending encrypted emails based on custom filtering rules. Reduce personal data handling errors and close security gaps caused by human error.

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RMail | Frama

Limitless possibilities thanks to customised solutions

Whether fully automated or customised configurations - with RMail we offer you an innovative and cost-efficient solution for comprehensive email security with compliance record. RMail can be easily integrated into your IT infrastructure, complements existing systems with valuable functions, is highly configurable and can be individually adjusted to your very personal needs. And (almost) nothing is impossible.

Create documents for electronic signature and conclude contracts quickly

Wherever you happen to be: With RMail's integrated signature function, you can prepare and send contracts and documents from your existing mailbox for electronic signature at any time. You can create them as an e-paper or with SmartTags (input fields) to fill in. The signatory is guided step-by-step through the signature process until the signature is legally binding; neither prior technical knowledge nor software installations are necessary for this. Digitise your work processes and conclude contracts even faster and more successfully.

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File sharing and sending large files by e-mail

With the LargeMail File Transfer feature you avoid annoying size restrictions and send large files and attachments up to 1GB directly from your existing email inbox. The recipient receives a download link that is valid for 14 days by default (customisable). Afterwards, all your data is seamlessly removed from the server: no more data compliance issues with confidential information and no more private file-sharing platforms.

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Clever email tools for more privacy and convenience

Securely remove metadata, quickly and easily convert Office documents to PDF, efficiently compress attachments, SideNotes, one-time text, text redaction and much more: discover RMail's innovative additional features for more security, integrity and efficiency in managing daily email communication.

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Integration solutions, API and more

We offer cost-effective ways to integrate RMail into your existing systems (CRM, ERP, etc.) with various APIs and technologies. Complex connections include a complete API integration including a webhook messaging system. Other integration solutions (e.g. SMTP scheme) can also be implemented in a short time. Experience shows that the integration effort is less than 3 hours.

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Frequently asked questions

RMail is your email security and compliance, email track & trace, email encryption and much more: discover our smart and cost-effective all-in-one solution for encrypted, proofable and privacy-compliant email communication.

Select the plug-in that matches your email application here and follow the instructions.

RMail Web is available as a web app on all platforms. You can find a list of supported programmes here.

No. RMail's unique way of working ensures that the recipient does not need to install plug-ins or programmes, register on websites or purchase a licence. You can send your messages to anyone without having to worry about the recipient.

Yes, you can find the corresponding apps here.

Yes, you can find an overview of all apps here.

No, the installation and set-up process takes less than 5 minutes.

All Outlook versions prior to Microsoft Office 2010 are 32 bit programs. If you are using Microsoft Outlook 2010 or newer, you can find out the bit version by clicking on "Help" in Outlook. The version number is displayed on the first page. You can find more information here.

The RMail features appear directly above the "Send" button in Outlook after clicking on the RMail button "Send registered email". In other email programs, the features may be located elsewhere. In Gmail, for example, the options are located at the bottom of the window.

Of course, you can still send "normal" emails.

First you receive a confirmation that your message is on its way to the recipient. Within 2 hours you will receive a proof of delivery with all relevant transaction data (e.g. time stamp, log files, etc.).

The proof of delivery records all transaction data relating to your email dispatch and you can prove the delivery of your RMail message at any time. In addition, the proof of delivery contains an embedded version of your original message including attachments.

Yes, the proofs of delivery are automatically stored in your email archive in a subfolder.

No, your message incl. attachments are integrated in the proofs of delivery. You can find these in your local email archive.

Yes, you can make the proof of delivery available to your recipient at any time for the purpose of restoring the original message and checking its authenticity. To do this, forward the proof of delivery to verify@r1.rpost.net (the address is noted in the receipt).

Yes, with a single click - without the use of licences, certificates etc - you enable your recipients to reply to your emails by registered email as well.

You have the option to choose between two different encryption technologies: TLS (forced) and SecurePDF. If no continuous TLS encryption can be carried out, SecurePDF is used automatically. In addition, you can use the RPX function to protect the encryption of documents and emails with an individual password (DataLossPrevention).

No, the content of your original message incl. attachments are embedded in the proofs of delivery in encrypted form and cannot be opened by unauthorised persons. You can find the proofs of delivery in your local email archive.

It's very easy: Click on the "Send encrypted" button in your email programme, select the encryption method (TLS or SecurePDF.) option and click on "Send".

Yes, the encryption technology used corresponds to "strong encryption" according to data protection recommendations. You can send sensitive or personal data encrypted by e-mail with a clear conscience.

Tick the corresponding checkbox in the RMail sending window and send one or more files up to a total size of 1 GB.

You can conveniently send large files, documents and attachments up to a total size of 1 GB from your mailbox.

Your files are available for download for 14 days (default setting, can be adjusted if necessary). After this period, the data will be permanently deleted from the server.