Electric Letter Openers

Easy and fast Letter opening process


The Frama Access B300 und B400 electric letter openers open far more than just your letters: they open the door to a more comfortable and more efficient processing of incoming mail – day after day.
Highlight B400

Letter Opener Access B400

Efficiency has a new name – Access B400, the only letter opener in the world with slitting technology for thicknesses of up to 10 mm.

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Highlight F12 Matrix Touchscreen

Franking Machine Matrix F12

Razor-sharp printing – for letters which shine with professionalism. Contemporary franking can be so simple and always up-to-date thanks to automatic ...

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Highlight B300

Letter Opener Access B300

Enter the world of Frama letter openers. Small, compact, and attractive with slitting technology. 

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Highlight F22 Matrix Letter Scale

Franking Machine Matrix F22

For your best franking experience - The Franking Machine Matrix F22 creates a new definition of comfort and simplicity: Touch- Frank!

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Highlight F32 Matrix OneTouch

Franking Machine Matrix F32

Large colour display – for a better overview when selecting the proper mailing product. A well thought-out franking system for a wide range of ...

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Highlight F42 Matrix Volume

Franking Machine Matrix F42

For when things need to be especially convenient - the multi-talent with its integrated label dispenser and whisper drive. Perfect for any office with ...

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Highlight F62 Matrix Autoamtic Feeder

Franking Machine Matrix F62

Flexibility – across the entire line. From mid-sized to large volumes of mail wether letters or parcels. Simple, secure operation.

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Highlight F82 Matrix Heavy Duty

Franking Machine Matrix F82

Highest efficiency – thanks to heavy duty components. Designed for organisations and companies with large letter volumes, day by day.

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Opening dozens or even hundreds of letters by hand every day is neither efficient nor convenient. To allow you to use your time in a more profitable manner, Frama’s electronic letter opener performs this work with a speed and perfection that will astound you: everything is executed automatically, precisely, and quickly. The mail has only just arrived, and already it is ready for distribution and further processing.

Opening Letters without cutting waste

It’s simple: no lengthy pre-sorting, no thickness adjustment, no button-pushing. Just lay the stack of letters on the machine and away it goes. Its unique method of slitting open letters instead of cutting off the ends means that there is no trash to dispose of.

Open thick letters up to 10 mm

The Access B400 is the only letter opener in the world with which you can slit open letters up to 10 mm thick instead of cutting them. If necessary, letters can also be opened on two or three (B400) sides. And it is still compact, handy, with an attractive design, a complement to any office.