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Frama SecureScan2 X-Ray Security Scanner

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The Frama SecureScan range of X-ray scanners provide the means for your company to scan, detect and neutralise any possible threats contained within incoming mail. 

With the SecureScan X-Ray Security Scanner you can defend personal and critical infrastructure from security threats as it provides the means for your company to scan, detect and neutralise any possible threats contained within incoming mail. 
There are enhancement tools which allow captured images to be further investigated.

X-Ray Security Scanners are ideal for:

  • Mail Rooms
  • Reception Areas (Scanning post)
  • Goods In (Screening parcels)
  • Executive mail screening
  • Loss prevention
  • Contraband detection

Enhanced Detection

Management tools such as energy stripping can be utilised to further interrogate screened items, determining material composition as organic, inorganic or metallic. The addition of ADS (Advanced detection System) software further enhances the ability to detect threat or contraband items. The algorithm will highlight suspect packages by encapsulating them on the screen with suspected explosives in red, cash/money in green and narcotics in yellow.

Equipped for a Challenge

The steel exterior panels and modern design equip the SecureScan2 for environments where robust construction is a must. Different operational environments and volume of throughput means the scanner can be configured with a combination of roller tables to suit. The SecureScan2 complies with relevant standards for ionizing raditation-emitting products, electronic products, radio frequency devices, qualification of screening personnel, occupational noise exposure and occupational safety health standards.

Data Management

The ability to store and recall records of screening sessions is managed via the onboard data system. The 250GB of storage will capture session information by date and user, facilitating the recall of specific images or time scales. If required, images in turn can be exported in TIF or JPEG formats including transmission to a PC via ethernet or USB flash drive. The ability to investigate even the most challenging of packages is achieved via the powerful dual energy X-ray source, which provides superior imaging performance and penetration of steel up to 32mm whilst remaining film safe to ISO 1600/33 DIN.

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