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Installation of Franking Systems

Full service contracts in 2022, payment from 2023 onwards

Flexible financing options

Renting hardware - We have the perfect solution for you

Do you need a new franking machine, folding inserter, letter opener or mailroom security machine? Your letter opener or folding machine needs replacing? Investments in office equipment tie up capital and thus put a strain on companies' liquidity. Take countermeasures: Rent your mail processing technology!

More freedom thanks to flexible financing solutions

We offer you fair and reasonably priced leasing solutions at attractive conditions that are optimally tailored to your requirements and needs. Benefit now from customised financing solutions for your mail processing technology: fast, flexible, competent.


Your advantages at a glance

  • Advice, financing and maintenance - all from a single source!
  • Fast implementation of your financing solution
  • Tailor-made conditions: Choose individual term, payment method and course of payment
  • No additional processing costs
  • Planning reliability and cost control thanks to fixed rental instalments
  • Tax advantages, as rental instalments are tax-deductible
  • Securing liquidity
  • Latest technology in use
  • No risk of depreciation

Renting or leasing business office equipment has several benefits:

  • Paying for a franking machine on a monthly or quarterly rental basis will allow the balance of that cash to be used for other expenses whilst still allowing you to utilise the decreased postal rates immediately.
  • In some cases, the rental company might even discount the cost of maintenance as part of the deal if you choose the rental option.
  • The company renting the machine would prefer to keep the machine in working order so that your company will continue to buy ink and other products as they are used. Once the machine stops, that source of profit also does. They might even realise more profit from those sales than from the sale of the machine or from repairs. The machine supplier will likely include future repairs in the rental price – just so they can continue to supply what the machine consumes, for a fee.
  • Purchasing a franking machine at full price which will handle your company’s full volume of mail may require a few thousand pounds of capital investment. Newly registered companies trying to grow might be better served by keeping this capital in the business – cash flow is crucial for a small business.
  • Purchasing a franking machine does not mean an end to the ongoing outlay of funds, in any case. Operating costs for ink, postage labels, late post envelopes or in some cases, maintenance and repair, continue after the machine has been sold to your business.
  • Franking machine suppliers will always wish to maintain business relations with your company. They want to make future sales to replace the ink your machine uses to print postage and provide you with labels and other products the machine uses. Purchasing a machine will not prevent these interactions.
  • When buying a franking machine, maintenance will need to be provided after the sale either by purchasing a contract, or paying along the way as things go wrong. Purchasing will not prevent these costs.

Leases are slightly more involved. They require a formal agreement with a finance company or the supplier. If the need arises for you to terminate the arrangement, a settlement payment needs to be made for the outstanding amount remaining, or the agreement can be rolled into another agreement.

The latter might work if you’re a new company trying to carefully regulate cash flow in order to allow for increases in business. If mailing volumes increase in your business and a higher capacity franking machine becomes necessary, the lease may continue with updated terms for an upgraded model.

Small businesses already experiencing the need for higher capacity, more expensive franking machines might find better terms with a lease since the supplier is better protected.

The benefit to the supplier through a long-term business arrangement is the same as for rentals. The more a supplier might sell consumables, such as replacement ink cartridges, the more they like it.

Whichever model you choose to finance your new franking machine, what you can be sure of is making significant financial savings on post from the very first day of installation!

As in renting, a lease allows a company to benefit from cheaper postal rates upon installation without suffering the large initial outlay of funds required for a purchase. The improved cash flow is immediate.

Rentals do not typically require long term agreements or credit worthiness.

In addition, renting tends to have a given term for lower priced machines due to the lower risk for the user, and they frequently involve second-hand or refurbished machines of perhaps older technology. When you’re done with the machine, it goes back to the supplier.

New machines

  • These will be brand new and come with the same warranties as if purchased

Used machines

  • These will not offer the same warranties as machines bought from new
  • Second-hand machines are likely to feature outdated technology

Remanufactured machines

  • Have been taken apart by technicians, serviced and had worn parts replaced
  • Most remanufactured machines come with limited guarantees about condition and lifetime of the unit