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A Frama franking machine is always cheaper than stamps. The Frama range of franking machines is designed to fit the postage requirements for all sizes of business. At Frama, we believe in transparency and integrity – we don’t charge you for things like Royal Mail tariff updates, or top-up fees. Even the delivery of your machine is free. This is why we are the only 5-star rated franking machine provider in the UK. All Frama customers have access to Signed-for and Special-Delivery services. Let our specialist team guide you into making the right decision.


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Franking Machine Fs Series 3 | Mail Processing | Frama

The Frama Fs3 franking machine is specifically designed for small businesses. It contains all the latest Mailmark technology and is always cheaper than stamps.

Franking Machine Fx Series 5 | Mail Processing | Frama

The Fx5 franking machine contains a wide-range of applications, designed for medium-high postal volumes. The Fx5 is Mailmark ready, comes with a wide range of features and is enabled for signed-for and special-delivery services.

Franking Machine Fx 7 | Mail Processing | Frama

The Fx7 franking machine has been designed to provide the busy office with a cost effective and efficient solution for daily postage requirements. Comes with a wide range of features as standard, including Royal Mail signed-for and spe

Franking Machine Fx 7.5 | Mail Processing | Frama

The Fx7.5 is a speedy, cost-effective, and super-efficient machine designed for large postal volumes. The machine benefits from exceptional ink-yields and is the perfect machine for the busy, dynamic office.

Franking Machine Fx 9 | Mail Processing | Frama

The powerful solution for modern and professional looking business mail where speed and efficiency is required. Suitable for up to 1.000 letters a day.

Stamp machines for your stamps

Franking machines | Frama

This is the most expensive way to pay for postage in comparison to franking tariffs. Stamps use the standard Royal Mail pricing, with no discount of any kind.

Frank machines

Franking machines | Frama

You have a lot of financing options regarding renting or buying a franking machine. There are a lot of advantages of a franking machine that you should consider.

A franking machine is used to print a barcode on to a letter or parcel in place of a traditional postage stamp. A franking machine downloads and securely stores postage funds and is used to guide the user when choosing mail classes and special services. 
Franking machines can weigh letters and parcels and print the postage amount based on Royal Mail prices. Franked postage prices are always cheaper than stamps, no matter what class is sent. 

The Frama franking machine range is split in to three levels, small business, mid-range and high feature models with each range catering for different needs.

  • Small business - For smaller businesses with less volume of post, the Mailmark ready Fs Series 3 provide the best postage costs compared to both stamps and standard franking tariffs with all of the features you will need to process your daily postage requirements.
  • Mid-range – For businesses with higher volumes of mail or those who require more feature, the Fx Series 5 and Fx Series 7 provide the best postage costs compared to both stamps and standard franking tariffs with more features such as semi-automatic feeder.
  • High feature - For larger businesses with high volumes of mail, the Mailmark ready Fx Series 7.5 and Fx Series 9 provide the best postage costs compared to both stamps and standard franking tariffs with the most more features such as fully automatic feeder, label dispenser, full colour screen (Fx 9) and outstanding scale option such as stack weighing, dynamic weighing and weighing ranges up to 35 kg.

Mailmark franking offers the lowest prices for Royal Mail franking products and services. Automatic pricing updates are included so you will always pay the best price. All Frama customers have access to the Royal Mail Signed-for and Special-delivery services.

  • Cut costs: Frama franking machines reduce your mailing costs. Sending a franked letter with a Frama franking machine saves you 13p compared to stamps (which means if you send just 10 letters a day, you can save up to £475 a year).
  • Manage your spend: Frama franking machines always provide the lowest available prices for your postage. You can set your credit limits and upload the funds you need whenever you want. (note that unlike other providers, Frama do NOT charge you to add funds to your machine).
  • Send parcels as well as letters: Frama franking machines are provided with scales that provide the correct postage rates for any size mail.

Business Mail Advanced offers a significant postage discount to high volume users sending 250 items or more in one transaction, and the more letters sent the bigger the discount.

At Frama UK Ltd. you have a large selection of franking machines for every need.

A franking machine prints a barcode on an envelope in place of a stamp providing a cheaper method of postage for businesses and organisations, with the added advantage of professional logos and return addresses also printed on the envelope. A Frama franking machine is guaranteed to always be cheaper than stamps.

Frama franking machines have been specifically designed to be simple and quick to operate. Our postage meter machines arrive with you pre-installed so you just need to plug them in and start franking. If you do find that you need help with anything at all, our specialist technical team are just a phone call away and will be more than happy to guide your through the process.

This is different in each country. Please contact our partner network and select your country.

Postage is cheaper with a franking machine. Your letter mail items are always franked accurately: Over- and under-franking are minimised, returns and refusals to accept are virtually eliminated. Get the advantages of a franking machine now.

All Frama franking machines come with a slogan included (at no additional cost). If you want to add an additional slogan or address at any time, you can email contact@frama.co.uk.