The history of postage stamp (Part 3)

The future

The worldwide volume of mail is steadily decreasing. Digitalisation is clearly becoming a major issue. So what about the future of the postage stamp? What new solutions are available? Read more in the final part of our series about the Stamp.

For example, in the past few years the Swiss Post and German Post introduced the SMS stamp as an alternative to the classic stamp. To use this, you send an SMS and receive a code which is then written on the envelope to replace the stamp. (Source: https://www.post.ch/de/briefe-versenden/frankieren-briefe/frankieren/sms-briefmarke, https://www.deutschepost.de/de/h/handyporto.html). However, these solutions were mostly designed for private users and less for business customers. Simple, comprehensible or alternative solutions for stamps in the business sector have been neglected so far.

Our answer for the future – imnudoo

On 17.02.2020 Frama Group presented its answer to the future of the postage stamp: imnudoo. Imnudoo is an online platform for franking all kinds of letters. It focuses in particular on companies with a low mail volume or companies with a complex branch system. The concept is quite simple:

  1. The desired postage is selected online and if required, an individual advertising message e.g. the company logo can be added.
  2. Simply print out the created franking with an existing printer in the office and stick it onto the letter. Alternatively, you can also use a label printer or label sheets.
  3. Finally, the franked mail can now be handed in to any Deutsche Post mailbox or directly at the post office counter.

What's special about imnudoo:

  • Creation of postage stamps including a coloured company logo or an individual advertising message. The outgoing mail can thus be used as free advertising space for companies.
  • Recording and billing according to individual cost centres. Perfectly suited for companies with different departments or branches.
  • With the different reports (date, postage value, cost centre, number of items) the postage costs are transparent and traceable at any time.
  • Create an individual favorites list with the most frequently used postage values.
  • Track items such as registered mail directly from the platform without tedious code entry.
  • Simple creation of a company internal address book for frequently used addresses.

Interested persons are offered a free test phase, with which the service can be used for 1 month without restrictions. Here you can find further information about the online franking with imnudoo.

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